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What's the harm of parking bicycles disorderly?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-06-11

Now in urban life, in order to solve the convenience of the last kilometer of travel, shared bikes appear in People's Daily life.It gives people the concept of environmentally friendly, convenient and healthy life, so it is welcomed by people after it is launched, and a large number of people travel with the help of it every day.

With the influx of shared bikes, the problem of indiscriminate parking has become increasingly prominent. Many of the bike parks were empty, with only one or two bikes parked in designated areas.Many bikes are parked casually on the sidewalk, some of which are less than a meter away from the parking area.Such a situation is most prominent near the bus station. There are many bicycles parked near every bus station along the road, and some of them even park directly on the platform. However, the bicycle parking area less than two or three meters away from the bus station is neglected.

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The harm of parking bicycles disorderly.

1. Illegal parking will affect the image of the city. Indiscriminate parking will cause chaos in the order of the city, and will also affect the taste and image of the city, which makes the traffic environment of the city road can not be improved.

2. The random parking of motor vehicles will lead to the increase of traffic accidents. The sudden parking of motor vehicles will make other drivers unable to prepare well, so the occurrence of collision accidents and rear-end collisions will increase.

3. The random parking of motor vehicles will lead to blocked roads, and most of the places where we illegally park vehicles are near schools, or banks and restaurants. Therefore, if the road is occupied for a long time, congestion points will be formed, directly leading to unnecessary congestion on the road.

Bicycle parking is a problem of social environment and the quality of user.

Indiscriminate parking and placing of vehicles will affect road passage and the appearance of the city, and there are traffic safety risks.The management of the traffic police department, punishment is only a means, to solve the problem thoroughly, but also the joint efforts of all sectors of society. Only if everyone abides by the traffic laws and forms the habit of parking in a civilized and standardized way can the problem of parked vehicles be solved.

Let us all enjoy the green mountains and rivers at the same time, back to the city of civilized and healthy life, let us share in the city of convenient traffic, also a clean travel environment for the public, but also civilized and healthy city a beautiful scenery!

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