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"Zero Gravity," which under the bike racks really a heaven?

How elegant conveniently accommodated cycling? Some time ago I shared a small series and housed artifacts, sorry that this artifact required on the hands and feet body parts, today small congregation in a foreign artifact found on another website chips, it allows you to cycling does not take up floor space, really fly.
Such a compact room but also to lay down a car, inventor Mark and his son Nick has been suffering from his bicycle and surfboard takes up too much space in the garage, so they came up with this idea: to develop a stent, will bicycle and surfboard transferred to the top of the head to go. So now we will have to see this called "zero gravity" of the racks (ZeroGravityRacks).

The racks in the traditional wall-mounted racks on the addition of a rotatable supporting platform, the bottom of the gas support system that can effortlessly move the bike from the vertical to the horizontal position, now this is a load-bearing safety racks 50 lbs (approximately 22.6kg), carrying most of the bicycle are not the problem. In addition, they are also equipped with different objects designed a variety of fixed plates.
▲ In addition to cycling you can also use it housed something else, such as a surfboard

Pneumatic telescopic rod connection with security lock design, when equipped with a mobile platform to the horizontal position, the automatic safety lock clamping, was mounted to ensure that does not fall. Access to needed items, press the safety lock, pneumatic telescopic rod to shrink automatically loaded article fall.