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Pioneer car industry: green travel, how to solve the parking problem?

Bicycle RacksAlso known as storage racks, racks, security holder, lock the frame, put bike racks. Is a kind of bicycles based metal shelf, domestic common are slot bicycle racks, bicycle racks height formula,Double bicycle racksAnd so on; mainly used for bicycles or simple electric cars.

Bike racks have the following characteristics:

Save a lot of space, so as to provide more parking spaces for cars,

Management bike so disorganized become neat and orderly,

Inexpensive, so to maximize space utilization, user-friendly design, suitable living environment,

Portable operations, improve security,

Unique design, the use of safe, reliable, easy to pick and place car.

Racks species: Spiral parking racks, level parking racks, double-parked aircraft, embedded parked planes, tall parking racks, wall-mounted parking racks, Shennan parking racks, combination parking racks, convenient parking racks.

Bicycle with green, energy conservation, health and other effects, has been the vehicle of choice for people. With the development of China's modernization, urban public transport over long distances and gradually entered the era of big rail transit subway, but the bike is still irreplaceable workers short of transport in densely populated urban areas, due to the amount of parked bicycles too a huge park and manner that is not wishful neighbor, especially in the subway station, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and other densely populated places, parking is difficult, parking chaos, easy Diuju, some even occupy sidewalks and motor vehicle lanes to traffic safety and security, to the city public security and urban management trouble; trouble for non-motorized brought us to establish high-performance bicycle racks, it is an effective way to resolve this contradiction. Stainless steel bit bike parking frame with one arch design, bend the front opening, so that owners parked vehicle that is convenient and simple

Existing Problems

ParkingThe general design is relatively simple, usually do not take into account the coordination with the campus architecture, landscape, cultural environment. The first is the large number of bicycle parking spaces and contradictions: different schools for various reasons, the number of bicycles are very different, so do not take into account the large number of bicycle access, and speeding the development of the school did not make this part of the region enough parking, so that bicycles can not properly resolve the issue; or because the campus features unreasonable, resulting in insufficient parking space. Because there is uneven distribution of faculty teaching space and various departments have uneven proportion of the vehicle, resulting in a lack of parking on campus. And some because of the unreasonable design: part of the reason is Bainianlaoxiao not take into account at the beginning of the establishment of the status quo today, while a number of new universities in the planning and design did not seriously study the static traffic problems will be too much energy focused on Planning and Landscape single building, in the specific layout of the site, which is away from the student activity area does not meet the requirements of the landscape caused by the parking chaos.