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Outdoor bike rack: bicycle parking along with anti-theft feature

  Bicycles and electric cars in today's society is a major short-distance transport, both big cities and small cities are everywhere. Anti-theft and bike racks will be many bikers covet. Provides riders with a safe, reliable and universal parking space.

  In order to prevent a thief to steal the bikes, some people will choose to buy a bicycle theft, thus preventing loss of bike.

floor bike rack

outdoor bike rack

  Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.Co.,Ltd

  Build time: April 2000

  Factory location: spirit mountain road, wuzhong district, Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China, No. 838

  Manufacturer profile: Suzhou pioneer car industry has advanced production equipment, perfect, and its relatively strong technical force, complete hardware facilities, manufacturers of products have passed the certification of international standards. Production of products or more, and undertake a variety of OEM customized processing of orders, sales price is reasonable, and is a trustworthy manufacturer.

  Sales bike theft many manufacturers on the market, we must select the manufacturers to buy more formal, so that it can ensure you buy a reliable product quality, but also to protect life.