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San Francisco's New Bike Racks Are Self-Aware
Release on 2017-06-23Bike theft is a huge problem at San Francisco Bay Area BART stations. The floors of some look like a maniac dynamited a Kryptonite factory. But the ne...Read More
BIKE RACK:Best roof-mounted bike racks
Release on 2017-06-21If you own a bike or two and don’t have a car with a large enough boot, or simply want to free up some crucial luggage space for your next family hol...Read More
Racks offer solutions for carrying bikes on cars
Release on 2017-06-21The era of rain gutters on cars is mostly behind us, but luckily the racks that would have once seamlessly attached to those gutters have evolved with...Read More
Uber For Bikes Launches In Manchester This Month
Release on 2017-06-14China’s leading bike-sharing company is set to make its first foray outside Asia by launching in Manchester on 29th June. Mobike, which operates five...Read More
Rehabbed apartments offer life in the bike lane
Release on 2017-06-13In March, a refurbished apartment building opened just off the Country Club Plaza: Plaza 209. The building is a post-WWII construction, and the recent...Read More
Victoria council geared to approve Fort Street two-way bike lanes
Release on 2017-06-12Victoria councillors are expected to give the green light this week to a new two-way, separated bike lane to run on the north side of Fort Street desp...Read More
Outdoor bike rack:Portland Deploys Thief-Proof Bike Racks
Release on 2017-06-12Unless you encase your bike in concrete and chip it out whenever you need to use it, there’s no way to 100-percent guard your cycle against theft. Bu...Read More
Green machines: New bike share program gets its start at UNCG
Release on 2017-06-02GREENSBORO — Those bright green bikes on UNC-Greensboro’s campus are sure hard to miss. They belong to a new California startup called LimeBike, whi...Read More
New Bike Parking Rack at Springfield Plaza
Release on 2017-05-27Bicyclists in Springfield now have another option when parking their bikes at Springfield Plaza. Officials cut the ribbon May 19 on a custom bike rack...Read More
Beijing will set up a unified bicycle parking area experts recommend the establishment of body stop
Release on 2017-05-25Shared bikes and space to put in. Liu Xiangfei said that, since August last year, there are nearly 10 shared bike companies in Beijing, 700,000 of whi...Read More
Share bike caps next month to launch a parking space next to the subway station will be established
Release on 2017-05-25  How many shared bicycles can be accommodated in Beijing? May will be known. Yesterday, Beijing City Planning and Design Institute, director of the...Read More
Outdoor bike rack:City launches new bike rack app
Release on 2017-05-25The City of Cincinnati has launched a new web app that allows residents and visitors to help the City update its bicycle rack inventory. Users simply ...Read More
Outdoor bike rack:How to Thief-Proof Your Bike
Release on 2017-05-24Cain Ramirez was making his way through San Jose a while back when he came upon a curious sight: a bicycle fixed high up on a chain-link fence, sugges...Read More
Windsor businesses crying foul over city's refusal to pay for bike parking
Release on 2017-05-24The City of Windsor pays for car parking, pedestrian sidewalks and bus stops, but a new city policy would require businesses to pay for new bicycle pa...Read More
New bike rack available in downtown Bismarck
Release on 2017-05-22BISMARCK, N.D. - Bismarck has had two disadvantages when it comes to encouraging more people to pedal to work. One is cold weather for half the year. ...Read More
Outdoor bike rack:Bike sharing coming to Port Huron
Release on 2017-05-17Port Huron will be rolling out a bike-sharing program by the first week of July. The $36,000 program will feature 20 bicycles across four different sh...Read More
Car Rack Market - Global Forecasts and Opportunity Assessment by Technavio
Release on 2017-05-17LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--According to the latest market study released by Technavio, the global car rack market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more ...Read More
BikeParking.Club connects a social network to bike locks in a city
Release on 2017-05-17Palo Alto has a bike lock problem, and a pair of software developers and a designer took a shot at trying to solve that problem in 24 hours in New Yor...Read More
Cops and Robbers: 10 Bikes Stolen, at Least Six Were Locked
Release on 2017-05-17Thanks to the City of Coronado Police Department for providing The Coronado Times with the below information (partial list): CRIMES 5/9/17-5/10/17: Pe...Read More
Bike rack for bus:Bikes double as bus fares May 15-19
Release on 2017-05-16MOLINE -- People looking to save on cash can use their bikes as bus fare May 15-10. MetroLINK, Bettendorf Transit and Davenport CitiBus are joining fo...Read More