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Bike rack Styles from Suzhou Pioneer Vhicle Co.,Ltd.
Release on 2018-02-011,U-rack,we can call it Staple and Sheffield rack Basic bike rack that is used in urban areas because it can be placed along sidewalks without taking ...Read More
Our recent bike rack projects
Release on 2018-01-29  In the current society, more and more people takes more care about their health than work, this happens a lot in China. You will see more people j...Read More
Several Two-tier Bike Frames in PV
Release on 2018-01-23Definition of Two Tier Bike Rack: It is a metal bicycle parking equipment, which divided into two layers, to achieve three-dimensional parking functio...Read More
Need professional suggestions on bicycle racks?
Release on 2018-01-19Our designers have developed several new types of double stack bike rack. Most models are customized according to local market demand.If you have dema...Read More
Finishes surface treatment from Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co.,Ltd
Release on 2018-01-17  Commercial bike racks from Suzhou pioneer can be constructed with a variety of different materials. Some of the most important factors to consider...Read More
Busy Production Of Bike Racks
Release on 2018-01-15Time flies. It is already 2018 now and it will be Chinese Spring Festival in about one month. Our workshops are working in full swing for the orders p...Read More
Product description training -- Manufacturing & Service
Release on 2018-01-10There was a product description training in the middle of last month in our company, it mainly described the products’ specialized knowledge. In orde...Read More
New environmental surface treatment process: Dacromet coating
Release on 2018-01-04Dacromet surface treatment is a completely closed process, from the previous treatment to the final film, there is no water rinsing process, rarely di...Read More
High Density Compact Cycle Rack with Locking Bars
Release on 2017-12-20High Density Compact Cycle Rack with Locking Bars are manufactured of heavy duty OD48mm & OD19mm pipe. Powder coating and HDG are both available to me...Read More
Christmas Gifts For Cyclists
Release on 2017-12-13The Christmas holiday season is right around the corner, do you have any special gifts for prepare? Here are some Christmas gifts for cyclists. Fashio...Read More
Several Most Space-saving Bicycle Racks in PV
Release on 2017-12-08   Brief Description: With the rapid development of society and the constant optimization of national policies, more and more people are accustomed ...Read More
Does shared bike need bike racks?
Release on 2017-12-06   As you know the shared bike is turning very popular in the recent years like Mobike, ofo etc, you can see them in China’s most developed cities...Read More
Why bike racks leading the trend and how to choose it?
Release on 2017-11-30  Outdoor bike racks are fantastic for anyone whether you are living in a house or own a company. This provides an excellent location for individual...Read More
How to park and install bicycles in Holland
Release on 2017-11-27   Holland has the name of "bicycle kingdom". Many people have one to three bicycles, ordinary bikes for work, speed bikes for weekend exercise, mou...Read More
New Arrival Laser Cutting Machine
Release on 2017-11-21   Good news! There is one new laser cutting machine arrives our factory this week.   It’s a Dual-drive Pipes and Plates Fiber Laser Machine whi...Read More
If you have one bike,you will need our bike rack!
Release on 2017-11-17   Cars parked illegally will be fined, penalized, or even suffered a trailer. Some owners, in order to prevent the vehicle towed, tried a variety o...Read More
How to Choose Surface Treatment?
Release on 2017-11-13At the beginning of bicycle line, the first and most headache is the material anti-rust problem. After all, bicycle is an outdoor sport and in many ca...Read More
Internet + Internet of Things --- Intelligent Parking Guidance System
Release on 2017-11-10  Nowadays, the society has entered the Internet Age, the whole Internet industry has entered a relatively stable periods after ten years high speed...Read More
How to guarantee a secure bicycle parking?
Release on 2017-11-06Nowadays people are seeking for high-quality life and many of them exercise their bodies by cycling. Increasing quantity of cars in the city caused th...Read More
Bike Sharing Flourish - It’s Time to Optimize The Public Parking Areas!
Release on 2017-10-31Sharing bikes such as OFO, MOBIKE rapidly rises in China and are widely welcomed because it’s convenience. People can just use smartphones to rent an...Read More