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How to Choose Surface Treatment?

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How to Choose Surface Treatment?

2017-11-13 13:56:47
   At the beginning of bicycle line, the first and most headache is the material anti-rust problem. After all, bicycle is an outdoor sport and in many cases it will be parked outside. So, after the wind and rain, outdoor parking rack will not escape the fate of rust.

   Sunny places are fine, but people like to live where there is always a drizzle. In this way, we have this trouble, outdoor parking, how to choose surface treatment. I have some clients in South America, and they pay special attention to these things. Although the annual rainfall brings a continuous life to people's life, the choice of materials for outdoor parking rack is always the center of the problem.

   It's actually quite simple. As we all know, bicycle materials are divided into carbon steel and stainless steel.
It is really commonly seen stainless steel in our life. Bus handrails,underground, kitchen supplies and so on. Although they are have light weight and easy to carry, relatively, stainless steel is not cheap. Although it is “stainless”, on the outside, after ten, even twenty years exposed to wind and rain, steel will eventually be eroded.

  Carbon steel is actually very strong, and the mass is much heavier than stainless steel. Especially in the security of outdoor facilities. A carbon steel u-shaped bike parking stand, with a normal size of 50.8* 4mm, I believe that few people are willing to take trouble to steal this big guy. But its rust-proofing is not as well as stainless steel. Therefore, the quality of carbon steel is heavy, but the price is much lower than stainless steel.

  One drawback to the low price is that the coating has a short duration. So in recent years, hot galvanizing has broken the curse.

  Although it has not been able to have the same life like stainless steel, which has polish, drawing, electric and other ways to prevent rust for more than 20 years, it still has a rust-proof career for more than 10 years.

  Usually hot galvanizing we use is not 100% pure zinc. The color of pure zinc is black and not beautiful. Instead, zinc, which is 70-80% in purity is the most popular. Because it will be shown as silver and a lot of people are very fond of it.

  But slowly, it's been found that hot galvanizing, with long rusting time, has an unavoidable flaw, that is, there is zinc bubbles on the surface. And a single color is greatly unable to meet people needs. At this time, the original abandoned spray pattern rapidly rise, and together with galvanized to change the world of carbon steel.

  Finally, the surface treatment formed a great confrontation between two large organizations. Choose carbon steel or stainless steel?