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The civilized norms using of bike racks

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-08-07
Downtown Pedestrian Street recently established a new racks, this is for the convenience of the public park of electric cars and other vehicles. However, the reporter learned that some people do not follow the parked vehicles, the parking frame can not be effectively utilized. To this end, municipal facilities management center responsible person appealed to the public according to regulations placed, civilized parking.
New electric car racks so many people cheered, praised the Government for the tangible something practical. Many classes or walking in the street to pedestrian shopping, play people have an idea of? parking places. Racks installed nearly a week now, there are some owners do not follow the parking regulations, allowing racks useless.
Reporter Suning style mall entrance road to see that most of the vehicles can be parked in racks along, but many no parking place. Originally racks can be locked so that the public in the above, but the scene of electric cars, motorcycles but most just lock the wheels do not lock the racks. Even more puzzling is that there are some car owners in order to save tens of meters less than the distance, preferring to put the car in crowded pedestrian crossing on the racks do not want the seat, causing congestion at the entrance to the vehicle while the other end of the vacant phenomenon.
"One time I parked my car on the inside, I did not expect the back and put a row of electric vehicles, halfway out of the car can not want out. Why hold the position of trying to squeeze in a piece of it? Walking in the street Ban Wang said. He said racks for vehicle owners to lock the wheels on the frame, the vehicle theft plus a layer of insurance. If you do not have this feature, not as a direct draw a line on the ground better.
In the revival of the road in front of the mall parking large text frame is arranged vertically, good parking a little order here. But there are some businesses railing occupied parking spaces, the result is some of the vehicles parked disorder. Shop owner worried door stop blocking the door of the road, so some will use the railing to block the owner to prevent others from parking. Reporters noted that even racks are full of parked cars, there are still plenty of position and out of this fear is actually superfluous.
Municipal facilities management center official said, setting the parking frame specification is intended to facilitate the public parking, which remind the general public to regulate the placement, civilized stop to full and rational use of parking resources. And we hope the public can take good care of public property, do not encroach or damage racks.