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5 tips to teach you to pick public parking racks to make your bicycle no longer lost

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2020-09-22

What are the biggest problems that riders encounter when they ride out?

In addition to the lack of good bike lanes, no place to park is also a big problem. There are no parking spaces for bicycles in many public places in our country. Even if there is, it is only an open space. If you are lucky, there may be a few iron bars. Because of the parking problem, many riders use public transportation when they go out, and they dare not take out their bicycles, which are as small as a few thousand and have unlimited limits. So how to solve this problem?

The most convenient solution is the public parking rack. So what kind of public parking rack is good to use? Strong Towns, a non-profit media organization in the United States, listed the following 5 points:

1. Location, Location, Location

The location of the cycleparking rack determines its utilization rate. If you are going to a supermarket and the nearest parking rack is a few blocks away, I believe you would rather lock your bicycle to a railing or a tree than walk these blocks. Therefore, the location of the parking rack should be close to a large shopping mall or other public places with heavy traffic.

2. Security and Stability

Those riders with a little experience know that the most important thing to lock a bicycle is to lock the frame. If a parking frame cannot lock the frame well, then the parking frame is not a qualified. Here are some products that are designed to be concave without regard to practicality.

3. Viewability

For many riders who regard their bicycle as their partner, their vehicle cannot leave their sight for a second when they are away from home. In this age where thieves are so rampant, one second is enough to make you "separate life and death" from your bicycle. For those parking racks hidden in groves or alleys, it is basically a waste of money. The rider may not find it, even if they find it, they don’t want to use it, because no one wants to put their bicycle in an unknown corner.

4. Size of the volume

For the land price of every inch of land in many big cities, bicycleparking racks should also consider cost performance. We all hope that there are enough parking spaces, and the places also hope that more bicycles can be parked in less space, so the utilization rate of the parking rack has also become a consideration standard.

5. Creative moulding

In addition to the concave and impractical parking racks, some parking racks that look normal are actually not easy to use. For example, the very common parking frame in the picture can actually only lock the wheels. In order to lock the frame, you can only use this very hot eye position.

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