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Too rampant! The Canadian stupid thief couldn't unlock the bike and took the parking rack away!

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2020-09-18

  Police in Vancouver, Canada are looking for a thief who steals a bicycle. Generally, the police will not give up on handling cases such as bicycle theft. However, this thief is different. It may be because the bicycle thief couldn't unlock the vehicle. In his anger, the bicycle thief even took away the parking rack locked with the bicycle!

  And the whole thing happened in broad daylight, and the bicycle thief walked on the road with bicycles and parking racks.

  We dont know, maybe we thought it was performance art...

  The police did not guess how the suspect took the parking rack, but judging from the scene, a wrench may be enough.

  Regarding this case, in addition to the police, netizens have also heatedly discussed: It has been a long time to see...How much does this person like this bicycle?

---"Doesnt he slide the parking rack out of the lock?"

---"He is a bit silly, but he can't get out of that place. The bottom of the parking rack is wide."

--Hope the police can investigate the parking rack being stolen, because if it's just a bicycle, they don't care at all. "

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