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Bicycle racks, parking is free and at ease

Bicycle racksParking free and at ease

Riding bicycles, electric cars to go out, do not worry parked where to spend it? Recently, the reporter learned from the Fuan police station, for the convenience of the masses and regulate electric bicycles parked since October, within the area where the main business district provided PioneerSpiral racks, Has invested 100,000 yuan to set up nearly ten spiral racks, allowing thousands of electric bikes parked at the same time. In the future, as long as the public see Pioneer spiral racks, you can rest assured that the free parking.
December 8, the reporter went to see Yangko City Plaza, Plaza on the south side of the railing on the ground, a row of silver spiral racks in the sun shining. Reporters observed that the racks can not only locate bikes parked electric cars, but also to prevent the dumping of bicycles, but also facilitates the use of the bicycle chain wheel lock and tubular member to facilitate theft.

Interview, the reporter learned that, as more and more people choose green travel, Park Plaza even more people everywhere dense, non-powered vehicle parking chaos, occupy the road, it also hinders the traffic, vehicle theft have occurred . In recent years, Fuan police station received a report involving electric bicycle theft cases, mostly due to random parked in the street caused.

It is reported that, for the convenience of the masses and regulate electric bicycles parked since October this year, which will be the main business district in the area, such as a new source of Yangko City Plaza and shopping malls and other places to set up a spiral racks. "This is close to several parking spots most of them have surveillance cameras." Police said, "if unusual, patrol within five minutes can be rushed to the scene." At the same time, the Institute has been formed and residential property management and security of the population and prevention governance mechanism, "after abnormal residential security also rushed to the process." in addition, the police said, racks can also be placed in a non-constrained motor vehicles, the vehicles are neatly side by side, or no matter parking take cars are very convenient.

"I used to park the car in our shop door, an hour going to look at every car is still not in, now locked to the rack after parking, feel much safer." A new source shopping plaza shop owners Chan Say. He is off to the side of the public side of his motorcycle in the parking lock wheel rack, while telling reporters, "This is really too intimate racks, lock the car in it is not afraid to lose, we can rest assured parking after more."

Police said the theft of parked aircraft for want of people, you must use tools such as cutters to destroy, also give him trouble. Meanwhile, the police reminded the public to park vehicles in the vanguardSpiral racksOn it is free, and the public non-motor vehicle when parked, should be orderly parked in the designated non-motor vehicle parking marking area face the same direction, and the front wheel locks lock the parking stand.