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Pioneer car industry: bicycle racks accounts for blind, so okay?

"These two days saw the door downtown businesses install a lot of cars put on the shelf, although the public parking lot specification vehicle neat, but it takes up blind. Blind propose to let it out!" Yesterday, Yangzhou friends "Little Mo pour man "in Sina microblogging issued a document questioned along Wenchang PavilionNon-motorized racksNot be installed properly.

On the "Little Mo was poured into a" microblogging picture, reporters saw electric cars, bicycles are parked neatly inNon-motor vehicle parking rackBut the body takes up significantly Blind. Is this right? Yesterday, the reporter made a special trip to the east of Wenchang Pavilion Road were visited and saw the south side of the road filled a rowNon-motorized racksFrom Union City to Cuiyuan bridge, many people are consciously put the car parked in the parking stand.

The relevant departments to install a non-motor vehicle parking racks, public generally believes that the promotion of the improvement of the parking order to ensure a smooth sidewalk. Reporters found that if someone would cross the car on the sidewalk, who will soon have to come to order vehicle finishing.

At the scene, reporters, and some careful people found that non-motor vehicle parked in the parking rack bicycle, electric rear wheel almost all the blind. Shen away from public high school in Yangzhou to work, she often teach Wenchang, she told reporters:. "This design racks mind is good, but not good enough occupancy Blind, the installation may consider the lack of"

Reporters from the vehicle order to find out who, where, these non-motor vehicle parking stand is Guangling patrol police brigade to improve amenity and settings. The reporter then contacted the Guangling patrol police deputy brigade commander Chang Bin, he told reporters, the center of the installation of non-motorized racks in response to the need of urban management, non-management pilot motor vehicle market. It is reported that, on the basis of the current pilot on the main road Guangling will install racks in the city.

According to the police, Yangzhou pilot racks is learned experience in the production of racks neighboring provinces and especially restructuring. It is understood that these non-motorized racks slot is wide, easy bike parking. In addition, rail racks base is flat iron materials, convenient health clean. Chang Bin said that the police had taken note of the impact of non-motorized racks Blind problem, they are considering amendments. "Guangling Connected Urban and Rural Construction Bureau conducted a special report, the next phase will be diverted."