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Free covered parking bicycle racks Xishan main city

Bicycle racksFree parking is covering the main city of Xishan

These days, passing Xishan District Xin and South Gate Park, Civic Square public can see a new "landscape", the newly installed streetNon-motorized racksAlready we stopped a lot of cars, orderly environment for the whole square seemed a lot cleaner. It is understood that this initiative is Xishan District Urban Management Bureau to improve the urban functions, solve street bike parking spots less fixed, Luantingluanfang serious problems, and the latest acquisition Tim set of non-motorized aircraft parking facilities. This is the first time in Wuxi urban management department provided free parking racks for the convenience of parking.
These racks currently has 23 points Xin Park and South Gate, Fenghui Plaza settings, set a total length of 207 meters. Before the implementation of the installation work, the urban management department has told farmers markets, banks, supermarkets, mobile telecom business and the surrounding conducted a survey, the main city of Xishan finalized a total of 84 points have set needs of non-motorized rack. Is expected to be integrally mounted racks throughout the city of about 2,000 meters, it can be parked nearly 4,000 bicycles, electric vehicles. Urban management department also issued this book to the public, raise awareness of these non-vehicle frames, guide the public and orderly park.

Reporters on the scene to see these racks stainless steel structure, into a spiral, fixedly mounted on the sidewalk, line line, and distance between each spiral about 40 cm to facilitate the public parking of vehicles, and the outer layer is coated with fire yellow paint, new eye-catching. To enhance the firmness of racks, urban management department to fix the sidewalk pavement panels has been transformed, re-poured concrete to improve the anti-theft feature.

After the installation is complete frame, the public non-motorized vehicles parked into the frame, can lock the bike, electric car front wheel lock on the helical rim, play a security role; front park toward consistent, so that the original chaos parked vehicle suddenly become neat and orderly, help people form good habits park. Further parking can also increase the rate of saving public land space. In order to avoid the sidewalk crowded with vehicles, to guide the vehicle properly parked, urban management department to set up on the sidewalk racks relatively outer position, guaranteed sidewalk space unimpeded access.