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Subway roadside screens type bike racks along with the time synchronization

But the existing parking resources far cannot satisfy the owner's demand, screens type bike racks of vehicle.Parking space tight parking problem has not only brings to the owners, more has risen to become a serious social problem.The car is stolen, the dumping this kind of phenomenon everywhere.

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Bike racks manufacturers launched to help solve some of the non-motor vehicle parking problem.Good because nature is a bicycle can environmental protection can also exercise more major is cheap, and so loved by more and more people have.

The side of the road for bicycle parking frame synchronization with The Times, although the bike racks mostly traditional spiral bike racks and screens type bike racks, but because of their traditional so on dumping car, the car was stolen, etc. This kind of phenomenon have the effect of restraint restraint.This is a good phenomenon, but also a big market, in the future, bicycle will be more and more in the future, after all, the country now advocate low carbon life, and bike racks will more and more important.