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Reflective anti-collision movable road bollards manufacturer

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2020-09-07

School safety issues are common, and we can’t help but think about them. Various unsafe incidents in the society, accidental and artificial unsafe incidents occurring inside and outside campus, make campus safety issues a sensitive nerve in education. In addition, not only can these issues plague schools, school road The traffic also brings many problems to the school, such as: school roads are blocked and traffic jams caused by parents' disorderly parking, and once traffic jams on school sections will cause students to scurry across the road, which creates a great safety problem.

Anti-collision bollards, also known as protective bollards and warning bollards, are divided into fixed and movable types. Conventional colors are yellow and black.

  Product Feature: It consists of a steel pipe and a flange, and a yellow and black reflective film is attached to the steel pipe to play a reflective warning role. Pillars equipped with a lock cylinder make it possible to lift tools when needed, lift and move the pillars to any suitable location for vehicle traffic. After the traffic is completed, the bollard can be placed on the base again. After being locked, it can prevent other vehicles from occupying its own parking space. It can be installed in front of the garage, or in other places deemed important, to protect the garage door and prevent violent damage. The upper end of the bollard lock is provided with a small ring, and users can hang various colored chains according to their needs, which can better serve as a warning and protection. At the same time, the design of the small ring also makes the operation and movement of the staff easier and easier, which is both practical and humane.

China safety bollards

Product usage: Suitable for road entrances and exits, highway maintenance, hotels, communities, stadiums, dangerous areas and road construction sites.