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China leading custom bicycle racks manufacturer

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2020-09-16

  Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co., Ltd., which is a China's leading professional parking equipment

manufacturing and service enterprise integrating metal processing, including stamping, plating,

welding, surface treatment, assembly and warehouse logistics field since 2000, and specialized in

metal processing for 20 years.

Our main products are double-decker bicycle parking rack, E-bike bike stand, car parking shelter and storage box, bollards and etc. covering almost all categories of current parking equipment. Since establishment, we have focused on innovation and always adhere to the operating principles of people-oriented and honest business, helping customers to solve all the parking problems.

  Bicycles are parked neatly, adding a "civilized landscape" to the city. Citizens said that it is

necessary to set up special parking spots for bicycle parking racks for non-motor vehicles: Today,

when a nationwide civilized city is created, the parking of non-motor vehicles must be regulated, and

we hope that the general public will consciously maintain a clean and orderly city environment.

Bicycles Parking racks are stable for green travel, and shared bicycles solve green travel. Now most of the streets in cities are occupied by shared bicycles, leading to chaos in the city.

A common problem is: just walk to the bicycle parking place for one year, you can easily see the

untidy bicycle rows, some far exceed the standard yellow line, and some are placed horizontally. A

bicycle needs to occupy several parking spaces. What's more, place your "loved bicycle" in the aisle

at will to obstruct "traffic." We can always see scenes like this, where old employees are sorting out

the "endgame" we left behind. Especially in the leisure square.

For this reason, the emergence of bicycle parking racks has solved the similar situation for the vast majority, and provided fixed parking spaces for all non-motor vehicles.

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