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New Double-decker bike parking rack and shelter

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2020-09-09

  Look at our new Double-decker bike parking rack and shelter, would you have some interest about it?

2-Tier bike parking rack and shelter

  This black one has locked button, it can lock the upper level and fix it, the rack not to shake any more.

  Two-tier bicycle parking rack is to solve the problem of random parking of bicycles. It can realize the neat and orderly parking of bicycles and electric vehicles by folding lifting, vertical lifting, horizontal movement, pulling and fixing. It is suitable for public parking lots, high-end office buildings, apartment buildings, schools and other places with high environmental quality requirements are the best choice for high-end customers.

 According to the product characteristics, double-layer bicycle parking racks can be divided into folding lift type, vertical lift type, horizontal level shifting type, direct pressure type and pull-out type. The pull-out type is a traditional two-layer bicycle rack, and the ratio of upper and lower parking is 1:1.

  We are China's leading manufacturer of bicycle parking systems since 2000,and specialized in metal processing for 20 years.

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