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Start bicycle racks, parking norms

Bicycle racksStandardize parking start

Recently, the Public Security Bureau patrol special police brigade of Guangling dispatched more than 10 police in Wenchang Crest Road east of Guangling government on the west side, the Wen River Road Funan side ten thousand other three groups attached to the frame 18, the official opening of the ancient city roads non-motor vehicle management market early test run.
"The original carriage along the sidewalk parking areas, each grid spacing enough, electric cars can be parked, is available for bicycles have locked the front wheel and the frame can be locked together to block this way put into the vehicle frame , the uniform;. locked car thief must be destroyed in order to succeed, "Guangling Public Security Bureau patrol special police deputy brigade commander Chang Bin introduction.

It is reported that the installation of these frames carry only Guangling ancient roads Market Management non-motor vehicles in a local pilot. To meet the 2500 anniversary of the city of Yangzhou celebration, improve the protection of the ancient city, update, use and management, and continue to consolidate the achievements in the creation of a civilized city, Guangling Government 27 executive meeting adopted the "city roads non-motor vehicle market management plan", Guangling determined by the Public Security Bureau led to the west of the ancient city of the ancient canal 5.09 square kilometers on both sides of the main road of non-motorized implement market-oriented management, and gradually establish a long-term management mechanism.

"The work starts from the end of March, coordinated by the Bureau of the lead, the introduction of professional marketing management, in the management of businesses along the street guide, called on people to consciously participate in and support management, so as to achieve the effect of long-term management goals." District Public Security Bureau deputy director Party Pro said.

After this work started, District Public Security Bureau in charge of specialized led to Shanghai and other places to learn, and in-depth visits to equipment manufacturers. In the full investigation based on the rational design of non-motorized vehicles parked position, the introduction of non-motorized vehicles parked equipment. After District Public Security Bureau and professional company, frame manufacturers, under the jurisdiction of the Wen River, East, Qujiang three streets Quartet to discuss communication and multi-level symposium held to solicit opinions, modify the details to obtain public support, particularly related to the management matters basically finalized.

"We have developed a 'four fixed' measures, given the way, will be people, timing, will be responsible for managing pre Wenchang Road (riding a crane bridge - Wenchang Bridge). Timor and Henan Road, the ancient city of the late 'five vertical and five horizontal' main road other 'four vertical and four horizontal' extension and expansion. with a path length of each road, each road segment with a long, every 150 meters with an administrator, long road, section chief, administrator Job market scientific management is determined daily time and personnel, prevention of stock, out of control, relapse, etc. duties of the administrator is to ensure the early non-motor vehicles parked concentrated, placed neatly into the front frame, the same direction, not pressure Blind, the latter also enter the ancient city guides, civilized advocacy, social security and other functions of information and intelligence. "Bureau patrol police battalion Zhou Xianghui said.

"At present, three pilot racks work well, hope the ancient city roadsNon-motor vehicle managementYou can become an ancient tapestry. "Fang Pro said.