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Hangzhou public bicycle considering building parking and underground garage

  Looking back at the past year, "share bikes" seemed to be the most favored by the capital's "air".

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  On January 5, 2017, riding a bicycle in Hangzhou announced the completion of 100 million series a financing. Just the day before, another shared bike platform-mobai was born in Shanghai has recently completed a $215 million d round of financing. Beijing OFO completed 5 rounds of financing, including from the drops of the investment total of us $130 million. In addition, hellobike, little blue bike, white bicycles more than more than 10 share a bicycle company is trying to expand, eroding the market ... ...

  Riding with the stop, hourly fee is only about 1 Yuan-"crazy bicycle" for "last mile" has become a war of "battlefield". Even in the "public bicycle services are one of the best cities in the world," Hangzhou, they had slipped into, trying to stir the market, with strong capital strength, shakes are rooted in 8 years in Hangzhou public bicycle.

  Journalist experience: "ride" bicycle brake is very sharp looking for trouble

  Body is grey riding a bicycle, it was called "little ashes."

  Take "a small gray car", you need to phone a "riding a bicycle" App. Registration and login, you can credit Sesame (sesame-750 or more) certification from the deposit or to pay 200 Yuan deposit.

  15:52 yesterday, I was in front of the newspaper (road No. 218 of the stadium) to open the "riding a bicycle" App shows 8 near a small gray car, closest to me, a small gray car in the stadium road and Hebei near a junction, a distance of 145 metres.

  After 6 minutes, I found in a walkway railings. Car no chains, tire honeycomb, as "ride" argument is: no chain transmission, cellular foam filled tires.

  Car rental very convenient, black locks and at the front of the car, can scan QR codes. Open App under "scan code to unlock", the QR code scanning sweeps, hear "clicking" sound, the lock opens, also for a second time.

  I ride from Stadium road, Fengqi road, Zhongshan North Road, Hebei junction to ride back and forth, pretty easy to pedal, seat comfortable, is the top slightly. Maximum feel, brakes are really sensitive.

  After 12 minutes, I parked the car in the road a bicycle parking area next to the stadium. When opening the car, break a lock caboose bar on the line, on the App will prompt.

  After successful App interface will pop up the payment page displays the amount to be paid, when riding long, standard unit price, and so on. Although the car seat back reads "5 in half an hour", I ride a 12-minute, on the App prompts me to pay 1 Yuan. I used 60-minute lease time, only "white ride" a visit.

  In this regard, the "ride" customer service, "says 5 cents for half an hour" was the previous price, starting from January 5, 2017, when the standard unit price to 1/, after the car seat price, haven't changed.

  Because the small grey car and return no space restrictions, coupled with position is convenient car-hungry friends. But some people have no standard parking, makes it a bit tricky to find the car, as I borrowed yesterday afternoon that a small gray car, if parked in a public parking area, estimated at 6 minutes. App also has tips: public parking on the road or a car, do not stop at the community/indoor/garage, breaking twice in a row will not be able to rent a car.

  In addition, there is an inconvenient place, whilst on the App will show you where the nearest small grey car, how many metres distance, but you follow the directions on App walking toward the position of the small grey car, distance will not change, only then click the Refresh button in the lower left will only update the display closer distance. If the person is a bad sense of direction, do not know their right.