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Lixia fastest ride at the end of this month "green car"

  Recently, thanks to the cycling swept the town streets, but back in early January, lixia District Town Bike site-building had begun. Nowadays, 53 sites how to do? Yesterday visited multiple sites, found that a number of parking is even built. Lixia district, according to the relevant person in charge of the parking ban, 53 sites most of the Park has been built and 500 appearances for green public bicycles have arrived in Jinan, hopefully, end of February Jinan people can ride on "green car". Reporter Wang Yanbin
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  Park piles have been put into use late February

  Yesterday morning, a reporter visited the baotu spring South Gate, Springs Plaza, Ginza, quancheng square Museum, southwest of Lishan road, Heping road, lixia RT bike site. Most of these sites are not yet completed, only lixia RT-site parking is installed.

  Lixia RT site at Lishan Road West, journalists here see this site in total, there are 20 parking and Terminal Services machine, their green-oriented appearance. Parking on the credit card and consumer, and displays two regional balance. Parking around there are many sandy soils, and used to block the construction of aluminum bezel and placed some bricks.

  Heping road in Lishan Southwest site reporter to see, here there is no place to stop piling, excavation has been smoothed with cement, cement out of about two or three centimeters of steel surrounding the same brick and blue bezel. In addition, Springs Plaza, Science Museum site Terminal Services is already installed, in baotu spring South Gate can only see white pipe laying, blue bezel is gone.

  Lixia district parking related officials said 53 parking pile foundation work is done, parking has been installed over more than 30 sites, 500 bicycles have arrived in Jinan, which accounted for half of the total, "because during the holidays, holiday workers recently will soon be continuing construction, almost can be put into use in late February. ”
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  Free but needs to be fixed within an hour parking spots

  Worship of the face has been covered with the street bike, bike what are the advantages? It is reported that undergoes the preliminary charges are within 1 hour of free public bicycle, but more than 1 hour will take steps-charged, "final charge had been finalized, in particular how much also needs to be approved by the commodity price departments. "The person in charge said. "Riding a motorcycle thanks to the bike will cost at least five or one Yuan. "Lee of the public in the past three days has been used thanks to bicycle travel more than 10 times, spent less than an hour to use the car," if public bikes if you don't have money. But public parking spots of the bike needs to be fixed, just more trouble to park. ”