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How to choice bike rack?

bike racks

Recently our company advocate green travel . who goes to work by bike extra reward 100 yuan every month.For a small but also quite good words, the company more to ride a bicycle parking is a problem at the same time.One day leader find me said you see how to solve this thing.Give you a week to solve this problem, so we busy this week.But this way is take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure.

Reunion day weekend helped me a lot of busy, classmate say their company do the bike racks, the bike racks is what thing, this thing can be docked bicycle? Of course, you see our company's situation and save?Don't you look at their company's engineering case intellectual feel hopeful.The happy heart, to discuss and leadership, after purchasing a batch of decisive, pioneer vehicle industry is not only good service, after-sale didn't have to say, there don't understand the instruction.Quite good to run a month environment improved.Leadership has extra reward me 1000 yuan in the heart of the happy, so after a selection of the right suzhou pioneer bike racks.The figure is the comparison chart of our company