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How to use bus transit bike rack?

Here are some tips to use our bike rack:

Bus Operators are not allowed to assist you but it is important to alert them that you will be loading/unloading your bike.

Load your bike on the rack:

1. Squeeze the handle up to release the latch and then fold down the bike rack

2. Lift your bike onto the rack. Be sure to place the front wheel into the slot labeled "front wheel here"

3. Raise the support arm up and over the tire, so that the hook rests at the highest point on the front wheel.

bike racks

Unloading your bike from the rack:

1. Raise the support arm off the tire and fold down into the secure position

2. Lift your bike out of the rack

3. Squeeze the handle and fold up the bike rack

4. Step away from the bus and move to the curb, allowing the bus to proceed

Metro is not responsible for any damage to the bicycles.

If the rack is full when it arrives at your destination, please wait for the next bus.