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Why customers trust Pioneer Vehicle?

bike rack PV-5B
Some customers always have a doubt before our first cooperation: Why should I trust you? What can you bring me? Sure we can provide high quality bike racks and quality is the most important factor. Quality can not be perfectly shown only through words or pictures, while it is achieved by many elements.
bike rack
Starting Point & Focus ---- BIKE RACKS
bike rack
What is the center and gravity of Pioneer Vehicle? Bike Racks!
The vision of Pioneer Vehicle is to be a century-old enterprise, and promote our brand to the world. How to achieve that? Rely on the bike racks. Although we can produce many kinds of products with our existing technology and equipment, bike racks accounts for more than 90% of our products. Our dream is that one day we travel to another country on another side of the world, we can easily find bike racks made from Pioneer Vehicle. And we are always working for it.