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How to choose a right mountain or road bike?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-04-16
Bicycle is not only an environmentally friendly means of transportation, but also a lot of people use bicycles as fitness equipment to exercise their bodies. Bicycle is also a sports competition, such as mountain bike race, road bike race and so on.

As a cycling enthusiast, I read a lot of comments from seniors on which bike to choose at the very beginning, and spent a lot of time to understand the related knowledge of bicycles.Now, I will share some experience of choosing a car with you, so that you can choose the right bike with less detours.

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Types of Bicycle

There are many types of bikes, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, station wagons, folding bikes, commuter bikes and so on.

Commuter bike: comfortable, but not very fast, mainly used to commute to work, or ride to buy groceries.

Road bike: light weight, fast speed, beautiful appearance, can only ride on the smooth road surface.

Mountain bike: good shock absorber performance, can adapt to the complex road surface, is the first choice of many people.

Tour bike: suitable for long trips, use reliable and durable materials, strong load capacity.

Folding bicycle: small body, easy to take out to play, can also be used for commuting, common brands are Daxing, Eurasia horse

Flying Bike: It is a simple bike with fixed flywheels, no brakes (braking system can be installed) and a gearshift system. It uses pedals to brake. It is popular with young people and is just as suitable for riding on flat roads as road bikes.

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How to choose the right bike?

1. Depends on the usage and road surface.

Before choosing which type of bike to use, we first need to know what we are going to use it for and what kind of road we are going to travel on.Do you use it as a hobby or do you use it as a way of walking to work?How many kilometers is the cycling distance?Is the road bumpy or very smooth?If you're riding to work for a few kilometers and the road is smooth, you can use a commuter or road bike. If the road is complicated, a mountain bike is better. A folding bike is also possible, depending on your preference.

If you're using it for fitness, and you're riding on flat surfaces, you can use road bikes. Road bikes are very fast.

2. Check the bike frame.

Common frame materials are: carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, steel, titanium alloy and carbon fiber frame is more expensive, aluminum alloy and steel will be cheaper.

Carbon fiber is a kind of synthetic material, the advantages are light weight, relatively elastic, cycling feeling is very good.The disadvantage is that the damage cannot be repaired.

Titanium alloy is a high performance material used in aviation products, corrosion resistance, light weight, good elasticity, great riding feeling, but can be more expensive.

Aluminum alloy frame weight is also relatively light, corrosion resistance

The steel frame is flexible, shock-absorbing and comfortable to ride, but it is heavy and prone to rust.

3, Choose the right size according to the height:

4, The simplest way to buy:

In fact, how to choose mainly depends on your budget, if the budget is low, naturally can not buy the kind of expensive point of good cars, are a penny for goods.The easiest way to choose a car is to choose the right one among several reputable brands according to the road conditions and budget.

What are the common equipment of a bicycle?

Cycling helmet, cycling clothes, comfortable seat cushion, glasses, magic scarf, sunscreen, front lights, rear lights, lock, water bottle holder, cycling backpack, pump.

These are the more common equipment, can be purchased according to know the demand, such as now the summer sun is relatively large, go out to ride, magic scarf, sunscreen must be.Mountain bike some seat sitting is not very comfortable, you can buy another comfortable seat cushion cover, buttocks will not be so painful.If you want to go out cycling at night, the front lights and rear lights must be needed, otherwise it will be very dangerous.

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