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Why suggest use parking stand instead of kickstand to parking mountain bike?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-04-14
There is such a phenomenon in cycling circles, the more expensive the bike is,the few bikes are fitted with kickstands.Whether it's a mountain bike or a road bike, few people install kickstand for their bikes,why is this?

The reasons for not installing kickstand for bikes.

1,Prevent the happening of the accident

Firstly, there is a safety hazard when installing kickstand. Therefore, the bikes with kickstand cannot be passed in the bike inspection during the competition. The cycling team will save energy and adopt a formation that reduces wind resistance. The closer the car is to the front, the better the effect. A foot brace is simply a killer, one accidentally inserted into the rim of the car behind, causing a serious accident. Many people actually don’t use mountain bikes to ride off-road, but for us off-road, even high-intensity off-road people, foot support is a kind of death behavior. On the other hand, the shaking of the foot support will greatly control the car. Impact, it is also possible that the foot support may be put down due to strong shaking, which becomes a safety hazard. Remove the foot support to ensure the safety of riding as much as possible.

2, Reduce the burden and save energy

Secondly, high-end bicycles are more concerned about weight, and each gram of lighter costs a lot of money. The foot supports are very heavy. The cost of a high-end car to reduce 10 to 20 grams is far more than dozens of foot supports. For geeks who pursue lightweight, they do not even install bags or lights. Within grams, of course I don’t want to pretend to be clumsy and weighing 100 grams! Ordinary urban scooters are made of steel frames, while high-end vehicles or special-purpose vehicles are basically made of no steel, and in order to reduce weight, they are generally made very, very, very thin. There will be no problems in normal use, but for the installation of feet The support should be clamped very tightly and clamped in a very thin place. Generally, high-efficiency cars have higher vertical strength and lower side strength. Clipping something in this way can cause weakness in the frame or reduce the efficiency of the frame. So when these cars were designed at the beginning, they did not consider installing foot supports!

3,Protect the bike body from damage

Installing the foot support will destroy the beauty of the whole vehicle, and at the same time damage the exterior paint of the frame. Long-term pressure on the part where the foot support connects to the frame will not only damage the paint, but also damage the frame.

4, Kickstand is not reliable for parking.

Bicycles with foot supports are actually not very reliable. You can observe carefully. Usually, a strong wind blows on the road. Few bicycles with foot supports, even electric bicycles and motorcycles, can still stand tall. When the vehicle falls, it is very likely to damage the paint surface of your car or cause some parts to be damaged or even scrapped. Even if there is no wind, artificial scratching and collision may dump your vehicle.

It is necessary to install foot supports on many scooters, because there are many heavy parts on the car, and some if the car is placed upside down, it will cause a lot of pressure on the installation and connection parts, or the things in the basket or the things on the shelves. To fall out. And racing or other special purpose cars will not install these things, everything is based on the principle of minimalism, to improve the performance of the car itself. These cars are also more sturdy, and it is not a problem how to put it casually.

So,How to parking your bike without installing kickstand?

Indoor bike rack

Space saving bike racks are often used for private bike parking or display in stores.they also can be used in stores to display the bikes for customers. Check 2 types bike racks for reference as below:

1,wall mounted bike rack

2,foldable bike rack

Outdoor bike rack

Use the public bicycle racks replace the numerous “unofficial“ alternatives; gates, railings, trees and whatever just happens to be there to lock bikes securely.

1,double deck bike rack

2,floor mounted bike rack

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