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Pioneer car industry: net about bike riding debut in Beijing will be able to scan code

Recently, the newspaper reported about the phenomenon of Beijing streets of the bicycle network. Yesterday, the network operator about the bike thanks to cycling company announced net Mount bike about Beijing officially unveiled. It is understood that members of the public by phone APP can find bicycle registration after payment of the deposit can about the car, immediately after the end of every half hour according to the standard fee of 1 yuan, the car free of charge. Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted, public bike is different, people do not need the car at a specified point to return the car, as long as the car is still in public areas can be.


Without real-name registration card to do about cars

Yesterday, the network announced about Mount bike thanks to cycling put into Beijing market, in full swing in the rings. Whether Beijing to Beijing residents or tourists, business travelers, can be downloaded by mobile APP, to pay 299 yuan deposit, the search to find and scan code with your smartphone unlocked bike, you can ride.

Yesterday afternoon, in Andingmen subway station, Beiqing Bao reporter worship experience Mount bike. Phone download APP friction thanks to cycling, the real-name registration and pay 299 yuan will be able to deposit the car. Check the available software can be distributed near the bicycle. Follow the map to find the bike, the two-dimensional code by scanning the body, it can open the lock. Subsequently, the system begins charging, every half hour and costs $ 1. Upon arrival, the phone will lock plug end fee will end.

Beiqing Bao reporter learned that the identity and public bike more stringent review different network cards do not need a bike about or submit relevant documents. But registered when the need to write real name and the correct ID number. And after the end of the ride, the public can request a refund of the deposit, which is 299 yuan immediately returned to the original path of the hands of the public. It is understood that the company initially served in the Beijing 2000 net about bicycles.


Because they do not lock your car can result in the loss of people to borrow the car claims

At present, the Beijing public bike has been delivered to nearly 7 million of the scale, in addition to Mentougou and Yanqing no public bicycles, other areas are already covered. People in different places to find the vehicle has been relatively easy. But public bike needs a fixed point the car rental. Which to some extent, bring some trouble to the rider.

By contrast, the net return without further about the bicycle to a fixed parking spots, but should be noted that, after use should be parked at the side of the road cycling bikes can be parked place, such as the white line area delineated, the bicycle frame set local and roadside traffic does not impede an open area. Non-stop in the area, and indoor underground garage, alley and charging parking area.

In addition, members of the public questioned: Website about bikes return to after public areas, if stolen, who should be counted? In this regard, Moldova thanks to the company official said, after the return to the public area, as long as the vehicle is locked, the theft occurred after that is nothing to do with the public, but "because if the car is not locked results in the loss, according to the usage rules can require users to pay compensation of not less than 2,000 yuan. "this is the name of the responsible person added.

In order to reduce the occurrence of violations riding public, Mount worship set up a "credit system." After each user has registered 100 credit points, plus 1 point each rider. Offending user points. The end of July, thanks to Mount cycling to increase non-standard car punishment: once illegally parked will be deducted 20 points. Credit score of less than 80, the car unit price will be raised to 100 yuan / half an hour.

Note that, because the current number of problem vehicles, only vehicles in Beijing within the Fifth Ring Cycle, beyond costs will rise sharply.

City Transportation Commission

Encourage the development of cycling through various forms

Municipal Transportation Commission Transportation Authority car rental management Department official told reporters Beiqing Bao, the Government encourages the development of community bike through various forms, to facilitate cycling. But the network is not unique about bike now has begun to Huairou by phone about the car. Six districts of the city are also on the phone about the car for testing, trial run. Future public bicycle is also expected through the phone about the car. But taking into account the elderly and old user habits, car rental card and will not be canceled, and the phone about the future car models coexist.

Meanwhile, the Beijing city's public bike has reached 68,000 scale, in addition to rental card, the future members of the public will also be able to rent a vehicle through mobile phones, and now has achieved a phone Changping about cars.

In addition, it is emphasized that the current public bike for government investment, the first hour free, and currently 97% of the public when the public realized the bike for free. Therefore, public bicycles advantage on price.