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Two Tier Bike Rack Using in Public Bicycles

Nowadays, we can easily find a public bicycle station on the street and it makes our life more convenient. But there is a problem rising while more and more people using public bicycles. We always find there’s no bike available when we want to rent one.

outdoor bike rack

Some cities are trying to solve this problem and mechanical parking system are used in public bicycle stations. A mechanical parking system with two tier bike racks in Hangzhou started the trial recently.

two tier bike rack using in public bicycles

This station uses ticket gate to make it easier for managing. It’s suitable for place with big people currency and large requirement of bicycles. The station is about 40 square meter and it’s capacity is more than 80 bicycles.

two tier bike rack using in public bicycles

Two Tier Bike Racks is making a large improvement on space utilization and it will be used  intensively in crowded cities.