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Sept&Oct,two monthes PK

  • Author:Jerome Wang
  • Source:Chinabikerack
  • Release on:2016-10-26
Suzhou Pioneer held sales PK every months,that is a big encourange for sales,for example,sales can get 3% sales performance,what  more,sales can be forcus on to do good sales,and have confience to talk to every customer,and customer usually want to help sales to reach the goal,that means there is a big believe between customer and sales,especially can enlarge a good distance between company and customers over the world!
Today is 10/27 00:00,2016,still have 4 days to leave,although I still not reach my goal,I never give up,I want to do more sales performance to increase myself value,and let company know I am doing all the time,I am doing to come true bike rack to be all over the world,even though only 4 days left,the 2 month,to be frankly,I was too tired,want have a good relax after PK,want to buy new clothes,want to go home see my parents,and tell them what I have done in the 2 months!
I will say"I am doing to let my factory bike rack be famous in the world,to seld parking problem in the world"
that is my dream,also my company dream!
Good night and have a nice dream!