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Pioneer car industry: bicycle racks rapid induction, acclaimed

Beijing East Street bicycle parking chaos phenomenon has been concerned about the residents here near residential areas, plus business premises near the gathering,Bicycle RacksDemand for larger, many residents have raised hopes around the set dedicated bike parking spots. Recently, Dongcheng District Dongzhimen Street East Street group installed 20Bicycle RacksFor nearby residents and passers-by use. 

It is understood that the District Urban Management Committee and the streets came to East Street, site investigation, the official put the matter on the agenda, select construction unit to determine the number of installations and specific dates to inform nearby residents and so on. Dongzhimen Street City Division is responsible for fully oriented Xu said:. "After the bike racks installed immediately 'posts' and limited parking time, 24 hours 'in the post'"

It is reported that, in the future, the streets will be based on the needs of residents and the actual situation, to install more bike racks, to facilitate parking.