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Pioneer car industry: bicycle racks, convenient public green travel

Near year, the number of motor vehicles more than the non-urban traffic Da, the public will be non-motor vehicles parked at random, has seriously affected the city environment He Jue traffic order, coupled with tinkling bicycle stops before the main crop Yao set p in the old town, has been met Fu Jue Guang Da tinkling public demand. In response, the District Urban Management Bureau to Nian onwards stubble from each city primary and secondary roads to install Da Jue tinkling amountBicycle racksTo facilitate the public to use and at the same time do Dao Jue tinkling amenity environment, convenient public Jue tinkling Chu row.
The very fact that members of the public every day from home to ride Dao Qing Nian Road farms, from beginning to Nian, Ta crop farms found the entrance to the west side of tinkling more Jue many non-motor vehicle frame, the Wei tinkling non-motorized vehicles in order to front Add non-motorized planes, Shi very neat, where later, Ta will put himself tinkling vehicle motor vehicle frame Shang day stubble. Ta said: "The only non-motorized rack Fu beautiful, clean, and easy to lock your car, as an ordinary citizen, later Well certainly would pull within the crop frame, Fu Luantingluanfang."

According Jue solution, from 2014 Nian June, District Urban Management Bureau has invested over 20 million yuan, more than 2200 meters being installed Jue tinkling bicycle parking racks. More than ten parking racks placed stubble master Yao City Tongji Street, Temple Lane, Pearl Road, Pekingese Da Street, Road Traffic, East Gate Street Da primary and secondary roads. From the current point of view, non-motorized urban phenomenon Luantingluanfang was Dao Jue tinkling significantly improved. Meanwhile, the District Urban Management Bureau also hired more than 40 traffic "usher" stubble p in Da Street, Da Gate Street, rear lanes dense tinkling Die die member parties convince guide, so that some people raise Chu Da Jue conscious non-motorized parking frame tinkling into consciousness.

According to the District Urban Management Bureau law enforcement Da deputy team Da captain SUN Zhao Jun introduction, under the One Step District Urban Management Bureau under the Town tinkling development, timely tinkling the bicycle parking racks quantity tinkling quality mention Shang go, such as stubble south of New perish flow intensive Mi ready One install certain proportion tinkling racks. At the same time we will increase the tinkling of each road traffic "usher" Yao through traffic "usher" He tinkling convince boot into One further enhance public awareness tinkling Wei sequence parked vehicles. Finally Fu regularly carry out a comprehensive urban transportation environment, and to still Luantingluanfang He tinkling vehicle owners to investigate He punishment. By Shang measures to enable Lishui city environment trotted into One further improve traffic order, to the public One a good tinkling Chu-line environment.