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Pioneer car industry: the use of bicycle racks

Three-dimensionalBicycle RacksBreaking the traditional way of bicycle parking, not only beautify the urban environment, but also from the fundamental solution to the problem of bicycle parking. The following will introduce several bicycle parking mode.

1. Double stereo Bicycle Racks

Double perspective Frames introduction of foreign advanced technology, equipped with a hydraulic booster rod, the upper storage rack can freely drop down, and can automatically upgrade bike. This two-tier bike racks can be parked only in the limited space of more bicycles, but also to better ensure the safety bicycle, the user can easily access the vehicle by lever.
1.1 Features parking

● human design, suitable living environment.

● with automatic safety catch.

● vertically from the free combination set up to limit the use of space.

● Upper bike handling effort, easy to operate.

● pneumatic spring, easy operation and improve safety.

● suitable for a variety of occasions, various models.

1.2 Frame size

Double bicycle frame Easy installation, no special requirements of the site. When installed in the basement of the net height generally require more than 2450mm, width of 1700mm or more channels. 

2. "air" parkingBicycle racks

Smart three-dimensional ecological bicycle kiosks (Figure 3) is a variety of functions as one both beautiful and practical way of bicycles. Belongs to a new three-dimensional urban space utilization, very humane municipal public facilities, not only for easy access, rain and sun, but also have anti-theft alarm. Smart three-dimensional ecological bike kiosk using automatic air enclosed bicycle storage, to prevent the vehicle stop chaos chaotic appearance of the city's main influence situation; thanks to air parking lot, greatly reducing ground bike occupy the sidewalk phenomenon, reducing road congestion. 

3. NovelBicycle racks

Such bicycles parked way in orbit around it are covered, as long as the bike "upright" fixed on the track, use the side of the control panel to control the bike lift. The "poles" There fingerprint recognition security feature, only the owner's fingerprint can be removed bicycles, to protect the safety of the car.