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Sharing Bike Don’t Need Bike Racks? NO!

  • Author:Doris Xu
  • Release on:2018-06-04
  With the popularity and widespread use of bicycle sharing, the parking problems of are also revealed one by one. Although the sharing bicycle company and the government have taken active measures to draw out parking areas and strengthen the sharing of bicycles, we can still see that most of the sharing bicycle parking spots are simply a few lines. The bicycles are parked in disorder and the sidewalks are still blocked.

  Is it really useful to use the lines to regulate parking areas? The effect is definitely yes, at least the bike is controlled within a certain range. However, in and around this region, there is still a backlog of bicycles, a large area to fall, blocking the sidewalks and so on. However, if we want to keep the shared bicycle parked clean, we still need to use a parking rack. Individual parking space is provided by the parking rack so that each bicycle has its own space. The high and low design of the parking rack and double tier bike rack can make greater use of space, so that the limited space can accommodate more bicycles. The slot design of the bike rack can also maintain the stability of the bicycle. While the bicycle footrest is damaged, or if someone accidentally knock down the bikes around, it won’t make all the bikes fall down.

   So, bike racks are distinctly required for sharing bike. They will make a huge contribution to road cleanliness.