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What a low-carbon and environment-friendly travel way affect us?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-06-23
We often ride a bus bike to travel friends will find the bus bike rear mud cover written on the "green travel, low carbon environmental protection" words, what is green? What is low carbon environmental protection? Why is the Earth warming? Why the greenhouse effect? Why are our cities so polluted? I think all of you know that; In order to protect our earth, in order to protect our home, in order to we have a clean living environment, each of us has the responsibility, as long as we emit less carbon dioxide once, we can add some green for our home.

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As the world's largest non-governmental environmental protection festival, on April 22 every year, all kinds of themed activities are held around the world to promote green and low-carbon life and improve the overall environment of the planet. At the age of 40, we have no doubts, we know our destiny at 50, and we are about to turn 50. How to achieve the second half of this collective ceremony is a question that needs to be answered well in China, where "green" has become one of the five new development concepts, and in the world where "green" has hit the shortcut button for implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

"Health is not just a hospital thing, everyone can contribute. For example, we should choose green transportation methods such as cycling and walking instead of driving. This is one of the healthy lifestyles that we can practice every day. Adults can cycle for just 20 minutes a day to get the amount of exercise they need to maintain good health. We want everyone to live a healthy life and travel safely for the health of ourselves and the planet." At the event, Dr. Fabio Scano, Deputy Representative of the World Health Organization in China, reminded cyclists to wear helmets and pay attention to safety on the way.

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The "Green Travel" campaign is part of the "Air Environment and Human Health" project in China by the China Council for the Promotion of International NGO Cooperation and the Environmental Protection Council of the United States. Since October 2005, with the participation of the Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, a study has been carried out on the impact of particulate matter from traffic sources on human health in Beijing. In addition, a series of analysis and pathological experiments were carried out to monitor traffic source pollutants in typical sampling sites in Beijing. The research results of the project will be submitted to relevant government departments and contribute to public education and environmental protection activities through various forms.

With better lives and better means of transportation, many people have largely forgotten the feeling of riding a bicycle. Although driving is good, it is convenient to go anywhere, but parking is difficult, peak traffic jam will also bring inconvenience, the bicycle is much more convenient, you can ride at any time, you can stop at any time, do not have to worry about putting the car, do not have to be angry about the traffic jam, also do not have to worry about emissions of carbon dioxide pollution air; Both green, and low carbon environmental protection, or a good way to exercise.

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