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What does regulating bike parking means for campuses?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-07-01

Current situation of campus bicycle parking

Nowadays, bicycle parking in university campus is disordered and related supporting service facilities are not perfect. Thefts happen from time to time. Disposal of used bicycles is not good, and a large number of old bicycles are abandoned, resulting in a waste of resources. As an important means of transportation for college students to travel a short distance, bicycle parking and planning deserve special attention and attention, which requires not only considering the layout of related buildings on campus, but also combining with humanistic factors for systematic improvement and design.

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Illegal Parking of Bikes

From the perspective of unified planning of university campus, the problems of bicycle parking, traffic and safety are considered, and the design method of bicycle parking should be combined with landscape, architecture, greenery and human behavior pattern. Starting from the parking problems of bicycles in schools, using the methods of field investigation and questionnaire survey,in order to solve the current university bicycle parking disorder, stolen serious phenomenon and other problems.

There are many non-standard bicycle parking phenomena on campus. These include disorderly placing of bikes and not parking in designated areas, such as in front of entrances and exits or on pedestrian walkways. Compared with the neat arrangement of bicycles, the same number of bicycles in disorderly arrangement will occupy too much public resources and cause unnecessary waste of space. Bicycles not parked in designated areas will cause traffic congestion and confusion.

Respondents' views on the replanning of campus bicycles

Eighty-seven percent of those surveyed believed that bicycle parking had an impact on their lives, with 22 percent saying it seriously affected their mobility. Further investigation showed that 60 percent of the respondents believed that the most disorderly parking of bicycles was under the dormitory buildings, followed by the teaching buildings and the canteens. It is urgent to make a reasonable plan for the bicycle parking in the campus, which should focus on the planning under the dormitory building and around the teaching building. Bicycle parking planning can be adjusted from the three aspects of too little parking lot, lax school management and unreasonable parking lot setting.

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