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What’s the current situation of bicycle parking in some universities?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-06-18

Bicycles have become one of the main means of transportation for college students on campus. But it has also led to a number of serious bike-related problems. From abroad, different countries have taken different measures to solve the problem of bicycle parking. Some countries, such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, have designated a large number of special lanes for cycling.

double deck bike rack for compus

At the same time, sufficient bicycle parking facilities are also provided to integrate public transportation and bicycle traffic, so that bicycles have the same status as motor vehicles in the urban traffic system. In Japan, bicycle parking facilities are comprehensively considered and discussed with urban underground passageways and urban public environment,and corresponding planning is made for bicycle parking facilities.

At present, domestic bicycle parking is mainly divided into two forms: plane parking and multi-layer parking. The former main type and spiral two screens, the latter is based on the former general bicycle racks, into a double bike racks, lead to the three-dimensional bicycle parking, automation, intelligent , thus can save a large amount of available space, provide more bicycle parking space, can make its space to maximize the resources.

However, there are some defects in multi-layer parking on campus. Especially in the peak period, students do not have enough time to store and deposit vehicles due to the short interval between classes, which will cause serious congestion.

Therefore, from the perspective of unified planning of university campus, this paper considers the problems of bicycle parking, traffic and safety, and puts forward the design method of combining bicycle parking with landscape, architecture, green and human behavior pattern. Starting from the parking problems of bicycles in schools, using the methods of field investigation and questionnaire survey, to solve the current university bicycle parking disorder, stolen serious phenomenon and other problems.

Bicycles have become the main means of transportation in campus life, and practical problems such as parking planning and parking safety have attracted the attention of students. During my college years, through field investigation of the bicycle parking situation in front of the main buildings in the campus of Beijing University of Technology, I found that the bicycle parking was disorderly, occupying too much space and 'zombie cars' were prevalent. Therefore, it is particularly important to solve the problem of bicycle parking on campus.

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