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Introduce of the double deck racks

  • Author:kitty song
  • Release on:2016-08-04
Product name : double bike racks Type :PV-BR1005 Specification : 1830*1958*1893mm Pipe diameter: 19 mm thickness: 1.5 mm square tube specifications: 90 mm * 90 mm * 3.75 mm (customizable) surface process: hot dip galvanized (spraying) parking space: 610 mm (total length can be customized according to the site) parking quantity: 3 on 3/6 / car/group.Applicable vehicles: bicycle scope of application: Q235 carbon steel bike racks are mainly used for bike racks or simple storage battery in order to have the effect of security protection and bicycle parking.Is mainly suitable for all kinds of parking lot, garage, bicycle parking area, residential area, property management, carport, municipal, factories, schools, supermarkets parking area, shopping malls parking, agency unit and so on, ensures easy recognition, vehicle neatly organized and beautiful, save a lot of space, parking location accurate, easy to install. Product features: the use of advanced process equipment for pipe processing, advanced welding technology, make the product more solid solid;Each screens design can only be placed a bike, using bicycle racks can effectively manage the bicycle.Make a park more orderly.Security: directly to the bicycle parking lock together, can prevent the vehicle is stolen or lost, and so on and so forth.Q235 carbon steel bike racks product appearance beautiful, form unified, effectively enhance the overall landscape effect of the use place