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Characteristics of bicycle tires

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2016-01-29

The characteristics of the tire can be broadly divided into several directions: road feel, wear resistance, explosion-proof, weight, rolling resistance and grip. In addition, there are two characteristics are often overlooked but very important: the power conduction and manufacturing quality. Here we will briefly say next:

Force conduction

If you're like me, ride mountain bike tire particles, and then into slicks, can certainly feel at the start, when the same effort to spend more obvious acceleration, climbing at the time, has become more compact. This is the tire's "power conduction" getting better, or may be described as "rigid" and better tires. Power conduction poor tire tread as if glued to the asphalt like, very hard to get to step on it seems to step into the same mud.

Manufacturing Quality

Do you think that some tires may look and careless, and uncomfortable? Some tires for visual effects or other reasons, adding different colors, but you have not found the junction of color crooked? Some tires fitted after the last round box around to see, you have not found it is actually not "perfect circle", a deviation up and down? even the manufacturers of these products should not be too pleased to see unpleasant place, but there may be items mainly the tube or under cost considerations sacrifices made.

Rolling resistance

When the wheels start rolling, you will want to have it roll down do not slow down, of course, this is impossible because the other will face resistance and drag. Resistance to the bicycle itself, a reason to spend a small part of the hub Perlin resistance tires is another major part of the "rolling resistance" of. The smaller the rolling resistance, the speed, the more easily maintained, in other words you strength to step on the same speed will accelerate. Needless to say, the smaller the better the rolling resistance.


In your cornering or braking time, most do not want to happen is slipping, then the tires 'grip' is a key. Even linear acceleration, force will be strong when needed grip. Grip is better. Road feeling encountered uneven pavement, some tire makes you feel Britain, shook general discomfort, some tire is no feeling of tightness in the tire is to allow some of the other you feel there is a change, but feel bumpy road . These feelings are collectively referred to as "road feel", you will want to have a comfortable road feel, instead you get a sense of the way Britain's seven dirty eight elements.


Bicycle tires generally is regarded as expensive, counted amounts of rubber required to use it, more expensive than a car I do not know how many times the tire. So of course you'll want to be able to support the expensive stuff a little longer, this is the responsibility of the tire "wear" of the. Better wear resistance, the longer can use mileage. Anti-blast can be said to engage in a bicycle tire recreational sports most commonly encountered failures, but also for weight reduction is often only a thin layer fetal skin, not easy to endure stone, glass, branches puncture. Most have outdoor use tire "explosion" of design, to avoid foreign body piercing woven nets.


Maybe you are chasing a lightweight member of any spare parts on the bike, to be excused from ten to twenty grams. Undoubtedly tires and tubes is a lightweight subject, a car parts add up to a difference can be as much as two hundred grams. Regardless of the weight of the tire have any effect, see the light vehicle weight reduction on the books, so that you might buy nice Qiantaochulai lightweight tires.

People do not understand the tires, just like people do not understand the frame, if you do not know how to select, buy the lightest it! Lightweight tire is incredible, the gap may reach a weight of 50-100 grams. In fact, the light weight of the tire also brings a number of performance advantages, first uphill accounted for some cheap, the other due to the lower inertia, acceleration is relatively easy. Weight loss reasons and mostly from fetal skin thinner and weaving nets, and even omitted explosion layer, such a result is to bring the road more responsive, more comfortable road feel, and lower rolling resistance. However, the weight of the tire in the end is what saved? First of fetal skin must be thin, so wear not be very good, perhaps a thousand kilometers with a bottomed out. Secondly, we can save at least a light-proof layer 20 grams, and make way for a better feeling, but with the lack of fetal skin thinning-proof layer, on behalf of your ride half parked on the roadside tire change of the chances. Before pay for lightweight tires, to clarify what it offers explosion-proof measures meets their riding environment. Do not let the broken tire detract from the fun of the ride, also caused financial loss.