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Beijing will set up a unified bicycle parking area experts recommend the establishment of body stop

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Shared bikes and space to put in.

Liu Xiangfei said that, since August last year, there are nearly 10 shared bike companies in Beijing, 700,000 of which are in the suburbs, 100,000 of them in the city, nearly half of the population, and an average of 7 million cyclists a day to share bicycles.

At the same time, the city in the future to set the area of the largest share of the number of bicycles, the city Traffic Committee will also monitor the control of enterprise launch real-time. Gai Chunying believes that the city has 700,000 of shared bicycles, there is room for space, has not reached the limit, the total amount of the limit is exactly how much, at the end of May will have a preliminary research conclusions.

Shared bike parking area will be unified

At present, Haidian District (960), Xicheng (980) Shijingshan District (225) and other districts have begun to apply their own shared cycle parking area, and even some of the ban has been zoned, the Municipal Transport Commission is carrying out the sharing of bicycle parking space set technical guidelines, will be the color, size, logo are unified.

Gai Chunying recommended parking area for bicycle parking, and provide more parking space, can even consider the establishment of bicycle parking, the current Changchun subway station, Chongwenmen subway station near the three-dimensional bicycle parking.

38% Travel is a short distance of 5 km

Gai Chunying talked about, shared bicycles have had a positive impact on urban traffic and civic travel habits, and more people are cycling, which may mean less use of other modes of transportation, "after the sharing of bicycles, the survey found that some sections of the bicycle traffic increased by about 30%, which means that shared bicycles stimulate the bicycle travel." "At the same time, according to the survey, 38% of the city's travel distance is 5 kilometers below the short distance, but in fact, only 16.4% of these 38% now are bicycles." At present, the city is less than 5 kilometers away from the car accounted for more than 20%, this part is likely to transfer to the bicycle.

Bicycle and pedestrian traffic planning has been developed

It is also understood that the city's "shared bicycle guidance" to solicit comments on the draft includes the requirements of vehicles, the requirements of the operation and maintenance team, the requirements for the billing, the requirements for the insurance claims, the requirements for the protection of the lessee's information, the requirements for securing the lessee's funds and the requirements of the enterprise exit mechanism.

The city will further guarantee the cycling space, the Municipal Transportation Commission and the Municipal Planning and Land Commission last year compiled the city's bicycle and pedestrian traffic planning, is currently in the consultation and approval stage. Implementation planning and annual implementation plans will be further introduced in all districts.

By 2020, the city six districts to complete the first cycle of all urban roads to improve work, such as railing to reduce the impact of cars on the ride, and so on, the city must form at least 3200 kilometers with independent road rights of the continuous cycling network. In addition, the city's various types of bicycle planning and design technology guidelines will be introduced this year, including two-wheeled bicycles, electric vehicles and Tricycle express vehicles.