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How to park and install bicycles in Holland

  • Author:Iris Han
  • Release on:2017-11-27
   Holland has the name of "bicycle kingdom". Many people have one to three bicycles, ordinary bikes for work, speed bikes for weekend exercise, mountain bikes for holiday entertainment. Bicycles have become an indispensable part of people's lives.

   Government's Incentive Policy on Bicycle Use

   Reducing environmental pollution, including emissions, noise, dust and other hazards to urban residents, is the goal of every city in Holland. Calling on people to use bicycles is conducive to health and environmental protection, so that more space for urban greening.

   In Hague, Holland, people often see the Prime Minister of Holland riding a bicycle to work, even the king of Holland's eldest daughter in the first middle school, the king and the queen also ride to send her daughter to school. Therefore, it is very important to advocate, encourage and set an example.

   Storage and Management

   In Holland, there is a high percentage of private bicycles, and 80% of people (over 16 years old) have bicycles, so the demand for sharing bicycles is not high. The city government of each city is responsible for bicycle parking and supervision in important areas of the city, such as railway stations, subway stations, downtown commercial streets, etc..

  If the bicycle is parked outside the designated area, it will be cleared and fined by the municipal department. The city government is also responsible for the establishment of adequate bicycle parking racks on the streets to facilitate bicycle parking and safe storage, so people will not park anywhere bike.

  As above, the city government should consider how to take care of the interests of cyclists, how to get to the destination faster, how to safely and comfortably use bicycles and keep bicycles. These factors determine whether people can use more bicycles, less use of private cars.
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