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Pilot public bike has not been able to solve congestion problems

Public rental bicycle Although the delay in the road in Jinan city, but on public bicycles, the provincial capital have been many pilot. These pilot public bike run how? Reporter recently found that multiple visits, some local public bicycles very popular in some places is a lot of problems. But for the urgent need to ease congestion in urban public bicycle, these pilot currently not help.

Pingyin official bike "way" to public service electric car

2011 Jinan Pingyin County in the province launched the first official bike. The first put into use 300 official bicycle into a unified model, unified color, all red rose, these official bike once used on the popular, and later put in 100 public electric vehicle, the same dazzling red rose, also equipped with a charge pile. However, the reporter recently discovered site visits, official bicycle usage significantly decreased, official electric car, although popular, but there is also a part of being shelved.

Pingyin County, the county government compound Fuqian, reporters at the hospital on the west side near the door of the shed to see a row of red rose bicycles, electric cars. Carport entrance put up a sign that read "public repository of electric vehicles, prohibiting private cars into the" inside five bicycles and 10 scattered electric cars parked in the card position. Reporters noted that this has been a few public bicycle saddle off the thin layer of dust, the electric car also has thirty-four like Xu Jiumei people. It is understood that public bike rental card and cash register to the janitor's room, but the janitor did not see the relevant management personnel when reporters visited.

Afterward, the reporter went to the county complex next to the door of the hospital official bike shed more obvious than the county, about 30 vehicles. But obviously Car staff here prefer the official electric car, relying on the outside of the shed 18 official electric car parked neatly in place on the card, looks are often used. In the corner by the side of the reporter also saw a crowding together of public bicycles, 11 bicycles, seven electric cars, the tires did not air, foot child support rusty, the car covered with a thick dust, it seems at least half untouched. Obviously, the official electric car almost replaced the official bike, the car of choice for the public service.

Corporate bicycle usage what? Responsible for the nearby road sanitary sanitation workers cleaning the hole aunt told reporters: "According to my observation that some people do use, but less than previously used, such a rainy day like today with even less." Interview half an hour , the reporter saw only a red rose along the electric car turned into the Fuqian.

Central City pilot year average of 100 passengers a day

People want public bike "out of the office."

Since the party and government organs and more intensive way, last April 30, the District of Jinan City, the first implementation of public bicycle in the area, this green public bike has served more than a year, the situation in the end how to use, there is no promotion may? Reporters recently visited the city in the district several public bicycle site, vehicle maintenance and usage are quite good.

Near Central City Weiyi there are many party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, August 19, the reporter arrived at No. 305 in the district Weiyi City of Industry, not too far from the junction to the door to see the Trade and Industry Bureau a neat row of green bicycles. It is understood that the council is configured with six official bicycles, public servants usually go out to the car, we went to pick up the car door card. But reporters at the scene saw, in addition to several vehicles parked in the parking place on the card, there are two official bikes parked directly outside card, probably just finished using, parked somewhat arbitrary.

Afterward, the reporter arrived at by four road Construction Bank branch in the city. In the backyard I saw a row of green public bicycles. A total of 10 vehicles where parking spots, new green vehicles, unified style, the frame front to write the words "Jinan City District public bicycle." Every bicycle in the parking lock column on the left column parking card can pick up the car, displayed on the right column parking is normal, while the amount of consumption and display parking card balances.

Reporters from Central City Parking Office learned that the current Central City a total of 50 sites, with public investment bicycle 710, an average of one site configuration than a dozen vehicles, as early as 6:30 to 7 pm free of charge. To avoid the "bus" private, extended the car will not be charged a fee. According to reports, work time is also convenient to use at no cost, official bicycle usage has been rising. According to statistics, the average daily amount of the region's use of official bicycles 100 times.

Recently downtown Jinan everywhere in the road, the already congested roads even more sluggish. Some people interview frankly, looking at these "little green" was riding a crowded bus only to go their own, but also a little envious, "If we can spend the door of the official bike would be best."

World the first spring positioning service public bike tourists but "praised"

August 19 and 20, two days, the reporters went to the Daming Lake and Baotu East Gate southwest gate, and did not see the drop zone to place public bicycle, then asked reporters to the bicycle management office, the staff said it was because the weather so there is no good launch, but if there are packages and lease requirements, they can immediately go to the house next launch.

It is reported that in 2013 "the first spring" area was established, scenic ferry consider three ways: car ferry travel, boating and bike ferry. Among them, the bike ferry route is a major highlight scenic. The establishment of bicycle ferry route between resorts, visitors can rent bicycles to explore the area. During the test run, the range of tourists riding east Black Road - Black Road North, west to jump Road, south to the interval Luoyuan Street, north to Lake Road, riding the range does not include the three scenic park. Interval bike station is mainly provided in the southwest gate of Daming Lake, Baotu East Gate, South Gate five Longtan, a total of 100 bicycles. Age of 16 years old to 60 years old visitors present world the first spring scenic spot ticket and valid documents to borrow a car while a vote to pay 500 yuan faith deposit, limit the use of one hour bike can be returned at any one site.

However, the beautiful and environmentally friendly ferry bicycle as interval although attracted many tourists in the eye, but in fact preached "praised" phenomenon. According to 2013 statistics the May Day holiday, even if the public bicycle rental vigorously initial stage, a day on average is more than 20 visitors will use, and the total number of visitors to a single day was approaching 100,000.

"In fact, scenic bike is not for the public, but to provide tourists convenient, but some with children and some tourists with the elderly, plus resort not far between, and there are other ways ferry, so Select the bike is not much, relatively low utilization. "relevant person in charge told reporters resort, the last six months, even if the tourist season, when more than twelve day also, less time for several days nobody uses.

Zhangqiu public rental bike riding four million kilometers a year

July 2015, Zhangqiu 3000 officially put into operation public bicycle use. East Century Road, West River Scenic embroidered source, north of Qingdao Road, south G309 (including the University Town), within the range set up 93 sites, serving public bike 3000.

Reporters recently came Zhangqiu city, visited a number of self-service rental sites, probably because of that the world is a light rain, not many people use bicycles, but bicycles are dissatisfied with each site, indicating that there are indeed people in use. "Now that the student is still in the summer period, summer school and other car on many, many sites south of the vehicle also tight." Zhangqiu City Department of Transportation, according to the relevant person in charge of Zhangqiu public bike project, the government invested a total of more than 2980 ten thousand yuan , paid over five years. The project is not profitable, the sole purpose of serving the public to facilitate travel. Currently, in addition to the card do cycling, the public can also use Paypal, or micro-channel, etc. Car Wing row APP.

Car diverse ways, and distributed in the streets of intensive site car rental easier for the public, has become a public citizen to travel, "Beloved." According Zhangqiu public bike carriers, Changzhou Wing Public Bicycle Systems, Inc. Jinan Branch statistics, from July 1, 2015 date, Zhangqiu public bike run over the past year, more than 20,000 people to do card Zhang cumulative total riding 1,832,186, with the total scan code 332 804 times, a total 271,574 hours, riding a total mileage of 4,073,613 km riding time.