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What factors do you consider when building a bicycle parking shed ?

  • Author:Murphy Qin
  • Release on:2021-07-02

Overview of the bicycle shed

Bicycle sheds is the middle of the 20th century developed a kind of new building structure, membrane structure steel carport is by a variety of high strength thin film materials and stiffening member (steel, steel column or steel cable) through certain way makes its internal produce certain tensile stress in advance in order to form a space shape, as cover structure, and can absorb a certain amount of load is a form of space structure.It is a fixed place for citizens to park bicycles.

Advantages of bicycle sheds

Bicycle sheds as part of the urban public transport facilities, green travel, bike racks are citizens of a fixed place, sheds the construction unit to create urban low-carbon transport, in order to have a healthy city and pure and fresh environment, citizens must strengthen the consciousness, so as to reduce the low carbon, especially carbon dioxide emissions, thus reducing the pollution of the atmosphere, slow ecological deteriorating,The municipal government should set up bicycle sheds to provide places for citizens to achieve a green, low-carbon and environmental protection environment.

The factors that need to be considered to build a bicycle shed

1. Material selection of bicycle shed

Bicycle shed itself has a lot of superior characteristics, such as anti-theft measures and measures to prevent the deterioration of the natural environment, and we in the design and construction of the beginning or according to the site we want to build to rational choice.
For example, according to the different environment required, we choose the building fire rating of the shed and the relevant fire protection requirements to the membrane material, which is the first performance of the scientific design of the bicycle shed.

2. Construction location of bicycle shed

On the design of the bicycle shed, especially for chemical plants, oil refineries and other special places in the bicycle shed design, the choice of the material is a must be carefully considered, if there is a special heat preservation, heat insulation requirements, but also on the membrane material for thickening treatment.Membrane structure is a newly developed form of architectural structure. Since the 1970s, membrane structure has been gradually applied in sports buildings, shopping malls, exhibition centers, transportation service facilities and other long-span buildings abroad.

3. Other equipment of bicycle shed

Bicycle shed building fire protection design should be combined with the characteristics of the bicycle shed, and then combined with the relevant provisions of the current national "building fire design code" to install some smoke detection device and fire alarm device and so on.Because the bicycle shed to endure the wind and rain and other natural weather, so the drainage system of the bicycle shed is best according to the shape of the building itself, in the body design and production of scientific installation, to ensure that the problem of drainage in real life will not cause trouble to everyone, but also to avoid the occurrence of water this kind of situation.

4, the size of the bicycle parking space

1 inclined column type and sub-tilt Angle: if it is a single row, 30° Angle parking, parking belt width of 1 meter, vehicle horizontal spacing 0.50 meters, unit parking area 2.20 square meters.
2 single row, parking at 45° Angle, width of parking belt is 1.4 meters, vehicle transverse spacing is 0.50 meters, unit parking area is 1.84 square meters.
3 Single row, parking at 60° Angle, width of parking belt is 1.70 meters, vehicle transverse spacing is 0.50 meters, unit parking area is 1.85 square meters.
4 The width of the vertical single row parking belt is 2 meters, the vehicle horizontal spacing stops 0.60 meters, and the unit parking area is 2.1 square meters.

In general, the size of the bicycle parking is 2m*0.6m, but for some larger bicycles, we also want to consider their characteristics, the corresponding also want to give several larger parking Spaces, such as 2.5m*0.8m, or a little bigger can also be, in short, as long as the satisfaction can be put down the bike,And not so much that the inside of the bike can't be taken out.
Bicycle parking shed is now an important part of urban infrastructure, for bicycle shed, is an indispensable part of citizen life.In addition to the role of well-known park bicycles, it is also very good to promote the city's low-carbon transport, at the same time of reassure the people out of the parking, which to a large extent, also can enhance public environmental awareness, not only can improve various sheds the bicycle park place phenomenon, also help to improve city appearance.

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