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What is the benefit of installing bicycle racks?

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  • China Scooter Racks for Schools Double Side Scooter Stand Rack manufacturer

    Scooter Racks for Schools Double Side Scooter Stand Rack

    Model Number : PV-SC-001
    Type: Bike parking and storage
    Color:Yellow,Black,Green,Red,or Customized.
    Style : both indoors and outside
    Material : carbon steel
    Loading: According to customer need
    Size :195*23.2*75cm,200.55*23.2*75cm,or Customized.
    Finish: hot-galvanized

  • China Hot selling Semi Vertical Bike Rack and Bike Storage manufacturer

    Hot selling Semi Vertical Bike Rack and Bike Storage

    Model Number : PV-0081-01
    Type: Bike parking and storage
    Style : both indoors and outside
    Material : carbon steel
    Loading: According to customer need
    Size :Height 1463mm, Depth 1114mm
    Finish: hot-galvanized

  • China Bicycle Shelter with Semi-Vertical Racks Bicycle Storage manufacturer

    Bicycle Shelter with Semi-Vertical Racks Bicycle Storage

    Model Number : PV-0081-01
    Type: Bike parking and storage
    Style : both indoors and outside
    Material : carbon steel
    Loading: 2-10 bikes (According to customer need)
    Size :Height 1463mm, Depth 1114mm
    Finish: hot-galvanized

  • China Durable Black Power Coated Vertical Bike Rack manufacturer

    Durable Black Power Coated Vertical Bike Rack

    Model No.: PV-H1    
    Size: w605*D400*H330mm
    Specification:  Round tube:¢16*1.2mm
    Finish: Power coated
    Net Weight: 1.6 kgs      
    Packing size:6pcs/ctn
    MOQ: 100pcs

  • China High Quality Two Tier Bicycle Rack Double Decker Bike Rack manufacturer

    High Quality Two Tier Bicycle Rack Double Decker Bike Rack

    Material : carbon steel/stainless steel
    Loading: according customer space size,we can design according the size
    Size : W1977*D1130(depend on your parking space)*H2500mm
    Finish: Powder coated ,hot-galvanized/electric polish
    Packing size :2000*2000*2500mm(40 parking space )
    Powder coated ,hot-galvanized/electric polish

  • China Indoor Bike Tire and Wheel Holder Stand Wall Shelf Rack Garage Hooks manufacturer

    Indoor Bike Tire and Wheel Holder Stand Wall Shelf Rack Garage Hooks

    Product number:PV-0046-01
    Material:carbon steel
    Specification:10.2*59*28CM or Customized.

  • China High Quality Semi Vertical Bike Storage Rack Outdoor Bike Parking Rack manufacturer

    High Quality Semi Vertical Bike Storage Rack Outdoor Bike Parking Rack

    Model Number : PV-0081-01
    Type: Outdoor Bike Parking Rack
    Style : both indoors and outside
    Material : carbon steel
    Loading: 2-10 bikes (According to customer need)
    Size :170.5*116*148CM
    Finish: hot-galvanized

  • China Parking 6 Bikes Bike Rack China Bike Rack Manufacturer manufacturer

    Parking 6 Bikes Bike Rack China Bike Rack Manufacturer

    Model Number : PV-0055-01
    Type: compact flat pack  /slot
    Color:black / silver /yellow/optional
    Style :Outdoor/indoor
    Material : carbon steel/ stainless steel
    Capacity : park 6 bikes
    Size : L1400*W1054*H840mm
    Net weight :38KG
    Finish: powder coating / hot galvanized /elctropolishing
    Packing size :1490*860*160mm  1pcs/ctn

  • China Multi-Capacity Horizontal Two Tier Bike Parking Rack manufacturer

    Multi-Capacity Horizontal Two Tier Bike Parking Rack

    Product Name: Multi-Capacity Horizontal Two Tier Bike Parking Rack
    Material: Carbon Steel
    Finish: Powder coated
    Post: 80mm * 80mm thickness: 3mm
    Steel plate: thickness: 2mm
    Dimension: 1325*1890*1830mm
    Weight: 370 kg/set

  • China U style stainless steel electric plating bicycle rack manufacturer

    U style stainless steel electric plating bicycle rack

    Model: HJ-000148-00-01
    Material: stainless steel 304
    Pipe: 50 mm* 2.5 mm
    Size: 900*700 mm(L*W)
    Surface treatment: polishing

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What is the benefit of installing bicycle racks?

2022-09-02 15:48:57

Bicycle racks are used for all kinds of parking lots, garages and bicycle parking areas, communities, institutions and so on, so that the parking space is easy to identify, the vehicles arranged neatly and beautiful. Easy to install, quick and convenient parking, parking location accurate. International standard, eye-catching, wide application, is conducive to the beautification of the environment, effectively prevent vehicle theft, a new generation of safety products, a good helper for managers.Below are some bike storage related informations.


What is the purpose of a bike rack?

Not every season is good for cycling, or because of special circumstances (pandemic), If you don't ride a bike for a long time, of course, you should put your car in the house, which will be relatively safe. Of course, the correct placement of the bike is also Part of bicycle maintenance. For those of you who like mountain biking, some have more than one bike, If the bike is not ridden for a long time, it needs to be taken out for inspection. It is best to do a cleaning and maintenance. The goal is to keep the car performing at its best. If you can't ride your favorite bike for a long time, And if you're not going to sell it, you have to learn how to store it.


Where should bikes be stored?

Bicycles can be stored outdoors or indoors. Here are the methods and precautions for storing bicycles indoors.

Indoor Biycle parking

Compared with outdoor parking, storing your bicycle indoors is more likely to help prevent wear and tear, and help improve vehicle performance, because very hot and very cold weather will affect the appearance of the bicycle and the use of performance, especially when your car is parked for a long time in the sun (or snow), can make your bike more easily affected by some problems. Ultraviolet light is one of several factors that can cause dry tire rot in bicycle tires, which is characterized by side cracks and premature tire aging. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the rubber mixture in tires to decompose and deteriorate, while cracks on the outside of tire tread can compromise tire integrity and safety. So if you can, choose to park your bike indoors. This is more suitable for long periods of time without using the bike.


There are two basic types of bike storage indoors: on the ground and on high ground.

The option on the ground is usually portable bike parking racks, Portable ground parking rack, easy to use. Carbon steel material, strong and durable. Insert type design, compatible with all kinds of bicycle tires. Among them is a collapsible bike rack. Free collection and release, the folding structure, with the use of take, flexible collection and release, made of high carbon steel material and rubber, indoor parking, space saving must choose.

In high places are wall hangers or ceiling hangers.

Wall bike rack or ceiling mounted bike rack allows the user to hang the bike vertically in a space efficient design with excellent bike support, holds the bicycle securely in place. It can be installed where space is at a premium or where it is impossible to mount a rack to the ground.The bicycle can be stored vertically or horizontally, depending on the height the rack is installed at. Saving space and low cost are the biggest advantages of this way.


Outdoor bike parking ways

For regular bike commuters, the location of bike parking is slightly unstable. In bicycle-friendly cities, bike parking racks or sheds are often provided for cyclists to park safely in public places such as subway entrances, shopping malls or parks. The outdoor parking frame generally has U-shaped frame, parking shed, double deck frame. The various parking methods also have their own advantages and disadvantages.


1, U-shaped bike rack

U bike racks offer multiple positions to attach a lock to secure both the wheel and bike frame.U-rack Offers bike Stability, no conflict with pedestrian aisles. When stopping in this way, you only need to prepare a U-lock. The frame is strong enough, so you don't need to worry about thieves stealing your bike. Lock your bike and use the sidewalk. It's safe and convenient.


2. Parking shed or bike lokcer

A bike shelter or bike lokcer is the best place to store your bicycle in your yard or garden. If you choose the right one it will protect your bike from theives and the bad weather.The bike shelters are covered or enclosed bike rack rooms designed for bike parking by premier manufacturer of bicycle lockers and bike racks.Giving cyclists the confidence they can leave their bikes unattended in any weather. Creates organized and efficient spaces that provide the highest level of bicycle security.They can be ganged together to create space-efficient parking solutions.


3.Two Tier Bicycle Parking Rack

Commercial two tier bicycle parking racks can be divided into folding lifting type, vertical lifting type, horizontal mobile type, direct pressure type and pull type. The pull-out type is a traditional two-storey bicycle parking frame with a 1:1 ratio of upper and lower parking. It has a high degree of automation, and can be used by the elderly and women, with good customer experience.


But how do you park when there are no public bicycle parking facilities?

1. Four-point parking method

This is the most stable parking method, suitable for a large area of the wall can be parked, the focus is on the parts of the wall are the bike do not have to worry about scratching and can increase the friction of the soft parts, including the seat leather and handle belt (curved handle bike) or handle tail plug (flat handle bike).


2. Three-point parking

This way can be applied to move the object area is not large, such as pillar, corner, because the handle can rotate, so best contact position for cushion, if can rely on the object height is insufficient on the pedal, rely on the rear wheel tyre choice is unstable, because will aggravate the burden of rear wheel friction with the ground, reached a tipping point is the slide off and then back.

Another important point is that the faucet should be tilted to the side of the object, so that the center of gravity is on the inside to prevent the car from falling over, which is more stable if the brake can be held with a rubber band or other means.


3, Two bikes leaning against each other

The PRINCIPLE is to use the bike to fall before, there will be a force towards the direction of the head, the force with another bike to resist, can be stable stop. This method is more suitable for curved handle, because the structure of the curved handle can be more easily stuck two bikes. First of all, the two bikes must overlap head and tail, the size difference is best not too big, the bike will tilt to each other, the handle around the rear wheel of another bike, because this method will inevitably have hard parts contact, so the action as careful as possible. Note that this method is not applicable when the road surface is inclined.


4. Pedal parking method

If you're looking around with nothing to lean on, just a staircase, sidewalk, etc., no one to lean on, and you're not allowed to turn your car over, try the cool pedal parking method. Guaranteed to amaze other newcomers to the world of cycling!

Or want for the bike taken a photo with the depth of field beautiful, also can use the kettle or other objects (steps, the road opposite), as the pedal support, but this, of course, back to take more risk, the best on the grass, in a match take car for a magazine editor in this way, the wind is big and round plate, indeed as expected is really back, Hinder then bike bound elder of course also embarrassed to say what, have to tearful and blood swallow into belly.

The point is that the pedal Angle of the supporting foot must be facing back and down, and the force in the direction of the support can drive the rear wheels but not so much that the force can really move the bike forward, so the bike itself must be as vertical as possible to the road, and then swing the faucet slightly to the side of the support.


How can I protect my bike storage outside?

Precautions for bicycle storage


1, Give the tire full air but to reduce the amount of tire pressure.

Often riding a bicycle friend, generally in the plan to do not ride a bicycle for a long time, usually choose to put the bicycle wheel gas enough to prevent a long time not to use the natural deflated. But what you may not notice is that if the tire pressure is too high, it causes pressure on the rim. Therefore, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU LET OUT HALF OF THE AIR IN YOUR TIRE TO reduce the pressure on your tire, but don't let it all out. If your bike has a flat tire, don't just leave it there. What you should do is, after fixing the tire on your bike, pump the air back up to half the tire pressure. Because if the tire is kept completely out of air, it is easy to contact the wheel frame directly with the ground, causing the inner and outer tire rupture or damage to the wheel frame. Tire gas is too full or completely flat is not good, if completely flat is more likely to cause damage to the inner and outer tires.


2. Relax the bike chain

If you plan on not using your bike for a long time, be sure to adjust the bike chain to the loosest possible speed. Metal fatigue is caused when a chain is stretched for a long time because it has not been used for a long time. The gap between the chains will slowly become larger, loose, the chain is elongated, in the future use will be prone to inaccurate transmission phenomenon. To relax the chain, the chain on the big tooth disc should be placed in the smallest disc, and the rear transmission is because of the forward and reverse curvature, so the loose condition, the chain may be in the smallest disc or the largest plate. The way to identify is to look at the lead chain leg of the rear transmission. It is loose when it is folded up, and it is tight when the chain is stretched down.


3. Spray anti-rust oil on screws or other metal parts

As we all know, metal exposure to wind and rain for a long time will cause rust. Where the bike has screws locked, it will still have rust after a long time parked, so it should be sprayed with anti-rust lubricating oil. In each part of the screw, can use thick, long-term rust oil; The chain should be sprayed with wet chain oil every season. At the same time, do not ignore your bicycle brake line and transmission wire, usually cycling often have rain and dirt accumulation, a long time will also be damp rust, so the same to spray rust lubricants. General anti-rust lubricating oil anti-rust cycle is about 3 months, so remember to re-oil every season to ensure no rust, all parts of the car screws and metal parts, every 3 months should be oiled and anti-rust.


4, Wax the whole bike

Finally, if you hope to end up with a brand new bike months or years from now, remember to wax your bike before you plan on keeping it for a long time. This will help reduce dust attachment. It is worth noting that do not use spray wax, so as not to wax contaminated with large tooth crank, gear, chain, etc. Of course, you can spray it on a rag and spread it all over the frame and it won't have a big effect. Finally, cover your bike with a tarp. Plain cloth or just newspaper is a good idea. Keep it out of the sun so the paint doesn't fade.


How much is a good bike rack?

Below is a Approximate Budget Table of differents types bike racks for reference.

Types of Bike Parking Rack Material/Finishes Approximate Cost Advantages
U-rack Cabon steel/Stainelss Steel 25$-35$ Convenient and efficient
Bike Hanger Cabon steel 3$-10$ Cost-effective and space-saving
Two Tier Bike Rack Cabon steel/Powder Coated 42$-70$ Space-saving adn durable
Bike Shelter/Bike Locker Cabon steel 250$-600$ High safety protective grade

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