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Happy birthday to Jessie
Release on 2015-06-23Today is Jessie's birthday,happy birthday to her:) Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle company have a good policy,that is no matter who's birthday is coming,he/she...Read More
Ling Shan Buddha
Release on 2015-06-18I went Ling Shan Buddha on Saturday was shocked by the great dignity. The Grand Buddha is located at the south of the Ling Shan Mountain , near Mashan...Read More
Parking Shelter
Release on 2015-06-18Parking Shelter Our factory not only can provide Bike Parking Shelters, but also supply Car Parking Shelters. We supply a wide range of Parking Shelt...Read More
Traditional holiday - the Dragon Boat Festival
Release on 2015-06-18This Saturday will be our traditional Dragon Boat Festival, to commemorate the great statesman, poet Qu Yuan. Dragon Boat Festival is a festival with ...Read More
double decker bike rack for saving space
Release on 2015-06-18Description Product Name Double Decker Bicycle Rack / stackable bike rack Material carbon st...Read More
A new Colleague from Mongolia
Release on 2015-06-17A new colleague join us sales team to work together Her name is Dong Shiying English name is Sara She is very lovely as below also very cute Ther...Read More
Environmental Protection Activities
Release on 2015-06-17Last Month, our boss Peter organised a activity,he called on everyone to pick up garbage on the Lingyan Mountain. It's a good day, the weather is neit...Read More
Secure parking at their destination
Release on 2015-06-16Of course,a bike rack can only park the maximum number of bikes if it has setbacks from obstructions,also a bike rack should not obstruct other objec...Read More
2015 we attend the Las Vegas hardware show
Release on 2015-06-16This May we took part in the Las Vegas hardware show, this is a start to attend the international exhibition, in this exhibition, there are many custo...Read More
About Suzhou Pioneer vehicle Co.,Ltd
Release on 2015-06-16Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co.,Ltd is a family owned business that has been devotes to improving China cycling infrastructure since 2000.we are also cycli...Read More
Loading bike rack today however it is rainy
Release on 2015-06-16Plum rain season in Suzhou recently our customers ask our bike racks urgently how can we do When the container came to our factory still rainy how ca...Read More
A win-win visit
Release on 2015-06-15Recently,our customer,A couple from Australia visited our factory, we have a wonderful time with them. When they arrived Suzhou City, Our boss booked ...Read More
Bike racks can not guarantee 100% safety of bikes
Release on 2015-06-15Bike racks’ aim is to protect bicycle from being stolen. But in actual life, does not represent bike racks can ensure 100% safety of your bikes. In a...Read More
why you choose be customer of Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.Co.,Ltd
Release on 2015-06-15When I arrival Suzhou pioneer vehicle,I start know why more customer choose our factory to be his or her supplier?first,our factory will have car to p...Read More
a big project for China unversity(Jiangnan University)
Release on 2015-06-15A good news coming from Chinese college again!the college will join bid again for bike parking rack,bicycle rack,bike rack from suzhou pioneer vehicle...Read More
welcome new colleague Dong shiying come to suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.Co.,Ltd
Release on 2015-06-15Today is June 15th,I have come to Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co.,Ltd for 4 years for bicycle rack sales,my dream is to help suzhou pioneer vehicle to sold...Read More
Civilized city need bike rack
Release on 2015-06-13Bicycle has always been the most welcome means of transportation for the green environmental protection, energy saving, fitness fuctions. With the dev...Read More
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Release on 2015-06-13what is bike rack.doc www.chinabikerack.com www.pioneer-vehicle.com.cn Read More