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Cycling tips

  • Author:Ethan Yao
  • Release on:2015-12-09
Cycling is a very simple exercise items, but which also has a lot of tips and points to note, let's take a look:
1, when riding often eat and drink: one hour past the standard is to drink a pot of water, there is now a large kettle of even more convenient. Want to drink in excess is very difficult, so you can let go of the arms of drink. I recommend the water mixed with some of the electrolyte, can improve energy reserves.
2, perhaps to improve rider comfort is the most important seat position: Let the seat slightly upturned can prevent you slide the front to ensure that the body gets the necessary support. If you notice that the seat is down now, you may need to reduce the number of seats a little, so that you will feel your hands, neck and back pressure also eased.
3, rise, Chen Jian, elbow, let go: head up too high will cause the hands, neck, arms and shoulders to withstand all the pressure, causing unnecessary pain, can lead to difficulties in controlling the car. Naturally I looked up at the place where you want to go cycling, so more to relax the rest of the body. Relax the body properly respond to a situation that allows bikes on the stone pavement or windy.
4, before climbing gear in advance, so that the chain and sprocket to bear the burden: Transmission appears jump teeth, friction or unable to shift normal phenomena when subjected to significant loads. Manual gear shifting when the car look even step on the clutch, the bicycle shift how awkward it can not loose? Before change after change was like that.
5, slow ride to ride fast! If you want to improve your riding level, to do a field test or let professionals help you measure the lactate threshold power and heart rate,
6, enhanced through training. You can run or ride below the lactate threshold easily regional training faster in the long distance, as the case may be.
7, every few minutes changed hands on the position of the handlebar, respectively Woxia the hand becomes heads on the exercise force: This exercise can make your neuromuscular adaptation and wind or uphill release power.

8, if you ride hand on the cross above the thumb must withhold the handlebars (with other fingers forming a ring): I asked a lot of professional drivers, including myself, have had the pass-through from the handlebar the slippage of experience, you can say that this is bad or stupid anyway because they do not have the right grip.