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Choose Christmas gifts by yourself —recommendation for buying a riding bike trainer

  • Author:Ronnie Huang
  • Release on:2020-11-27

  Christmas is coming soon, Christmas gifts are ready prepared? Recommend a very good gift-cycling exercise bike trainer.

  Time is the biggest cost of bicycle training. It is necessary to go to work on weekdays, and it is too far to get to a suitable cycling spot after get off work. It is not safe to ride night roads at night. Rainy or damp and cold weather is also really a headache. If you want to go out to ride a bike, you have to buy a lot of winter riding equipment, which is really not convenient. Therefore, the indoor cycling exercise bike trainer may be the best choice for riders who don't have a lot of time to maintain training in winter.

The bike trainer served professional teams in the early stage, allowing new riders to quickly train control and cruise, maintain sufficient training volume, improve efficiency and warm up before the race. With the popularity of cycling, this equipment has gradually been accepted by the public. Later, a fixed and intelligent bike trainer was derived, which fell into the homes of ordinary people and became a home fitness equipment.

At present, the bike trainers that we can access are mainly divided into two categories: roller bike trainer and fixed bike trainer. Among them, the fixed trainers are divided into: magnetic resistance bike trainers, hydraulic resistance bike trainers, and direct drive cycling bike trainers, let’s briefly introduce the difference between the four types of bike trainers.

1. Roller riding bike trainer

As the name suggests, the road is simulated by the combination of three rollers, and the bicycle can be directly placed on the riding platform for practice.

Advantages: The use of roller riding platform can effectively improve the riding balance ability and control ability. When riding on a roller riding platform, because the roller itself will roll and a certain amount of friction will be generated when it comes in contact with the tires, the body will shake to a certain extent during the movement, so the user needs to gradually master the body balance. After this contact, you can improve your vehicle control skills.

Because the roller riding platform does not fix the bicycle, you can experience the real road riding experience and you can roll the bicycle normally.


1. It is not very friendly to users with poor balance. Constant shaking during riding may cause a crash.

2. The use of the roller riding platform requires concentration to avoid unnecessary crashes caused by the width of the wheels when the wheels are shaking. Therefore, it is not suitable for activities such as watching TV series and playing games during practice. ​

3. Since the roller riding platform cannot adjust the resistance, it is only suitable for warm-up riding with a fixed strength.

2. Magnetic resistance bike trainers


1. The riding resistance bike trainer can be adjusted through the wire controller, so targeted training can be carried out.

2. The wheel set is fixed by the quick release lever, which is safer than the roller riding platform. You can watch TV, computer, etc. during practice.


1. Fixed wheels, limited swing range. ​

2. Constant resistance training is carried out through the wire controller, dynamic resistance adjustment is not possible, and there will be a sense of frustration during the exercise. ​

3. The tires are worn to a certain extent. If possible, try to use special training tires.

3. Hydraulic resistance bike trainers


1. It has the advantages of reluctance cycling platform.

2. The resistance is adjusted by the knob, and the riding feels smoother.


Fixed wheels, limited swing range. ​

2. The tires have a certain amount of wear. If possible, try to use special training tires.

4.Direct drive cycling bike trainers


1. Take into account all the advantages of a fixed riding platform.

2. No rear wheel is required, and the chain is directly installed on the fixed flywheel of the riding platform with minimal noise.

Disadvantages: More expensive.

In summary, it is recommended that you make a comparison before deciding which riding exercise bike trainer to choose. It is one of the indispensable equipment for fitness, entertainment and leisure, any inquiries are welcomed.